Rob Report: Indiana Senior Writer Rob Howe checks in from Kinnick Stadium after Iowa's 38-20 Homecoming loss to Indiana on Saturday. Included in this premium report is a dressed list with some new names, an injury report, news and notes.

Dressed Up: Hawkeyes that were in uniform at Madison -

QB - McNutt, Farnsworth, Christensen, Stanzi.

RB - Young, Williams, O'Meara, Busch, Murphy, Mungongo, Sims, Pugh, Brown, Leppert, Morse

WR - Nelson, Chaney, DJK, Stross, Evans, Cleveland, Nordmann, Sandeman,

TE - Gerstandt, Myers, Sabers, Riesner, Peterson, Spading. Furlong, Moses

OL - Doering, Aeschliman, Haganman, Richardson, Meade, Aumaitre, Koeppel, Vandervelde, Kuempel, Postler, Gettis, Eubanks, Olsen, Calloway, Zusevics,

DL Daniel, Hundertmark, Clayborn, Narinskiiy, Ballard, Binns, Blum, Geary, Oberland, Dunn, Kroul, King, Daniels,

LB Edds, Hunter, McGrath, Angerer, Johnson, Nielson, Morio, Coleman, Gattas, Humpal, Davis, Tarpinian,

DB Everson, Bernstine, Sash, Shada, Fletcher, Godfrey, Morrow, Smith, Dalton, Gardner, Rowell, Greiner, Satterfield, Greenwood, Kuchel

ST - Donahue, Murray, Olsztra, Schulze, Signor, Guthrie.

INJURY REPORT: Linebacker Mike Klinkenborg and free safety Devan Moylan did not dress after suffering concussions last week at Wisconsin.

Trey Stross (hamstring) played his first game since Week 2 and caught a touchdown pass. He did tweak the hamstring this week but felt good enough to go.

Colin Sandeman left the game in the first half after injuring his arm on a punt return during which he fumbled the ball away. He went to the locker room for an exam, but returned to the sideline in uniform. He did not return to the game. Coach Ferentz said they padded the elbow.

Mitch King left the game with a stinger, but retuned a short time later. In the postgame, he said he felt fine.

CONFLICT: After receiver Trey Stross caught a touchdown pass at the end of the first half, he spiked the ball incurring a 15-yard penalty. As he was running back to the sideline and was met by tight ends coach Eric Johnson. Johnson pushed Stross while yelling at him.

I couldn't tell if Stross said something to Johnson, but the coach came after the sophomore again, pushing him harder than he did the first time. As Johnson was walking away, Stross had to be held back by teammates.

Stross said after the game that spiking the ball was a dumb thing to do and understood why Johnson was upset. There were some conflicting information after the game as to whether or not Johnson was requested by the media. Journalists said they asked for him and the sports information department said he was requested.

At any rate, Johnson was not available for comment after the game.


Iowa used a formation with Young and Sims together. They flanked in the backfield Christensen, who was in the shotgun. Iowa was called for an illegal formation on the play with six men on the line of scrimmage.

Dace Richardson moved from right tackle to left with Calloway moving from left to right.

Everson and Bernstine played in the dime.

True freshman Allen Reisner saw his first action of the year. The tight end became the 11th first-year player to see action this season. That's the most true freshmen to play in a single season in the Kirk Ferentz era.

Troy Johnson played LB in the 3-4.

DJK's 14 receptions ties injured Tony Moeaki for the team lead.

Iowa converted just 5 of 18 third down opportunities on Saturday. Its 25 for 80 (31 percent) on the season.

Indiana sacked Christensen nine times on Saturday. The Hawkeyes were shut out in the sack department. Iowa has allowed 20 sacks this season while producing 12.

Ferentz played most of his starters all the way to the end even though the outcome was not in question. As the gassed, disappointed players were coming off the field, Ferentz was yelling at them to hustle to the sideline. (I was on the sideline by the bench at this point of the game)

Albert Young and Damian Sims have combined for 638 yards on 127 carries for a 5.0 per carry average.

Iowa's kicking combination of Daniel Murray and Austin Signor have combined for 5 of 10 on field goal opportunities. They've also missed two extra points.

Mike Humpal recorded 13 tackles on Saturday to raise his team-leading total to 43 on the season. Matt Kroul added 9 stops against Indiana.

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