Post-IU: Albert Young Transcript

Albert Young spoke with the media on Saturday following Iowa's loss to Indiana. Read what he had to say about offensive rhythm, weekly practice, and more in this premium transcript.

Q: For you personally, what was the most frustrating part of today?

Albert Young: I think as a team we didn't really help ourselves out. This is like how it was up in Ames. We came out flat, we made turnovers, we gave turnovers. They took advantage of it. We put the game out there for them and you get what you deserve.

Q: Were you frustrated to go away from the running game in the second half? The rush defense is ranked #7 in the Big Ten. You guys had success against them.

Young: The run was working, but I just think that at the time, the situation, the way their offense was moving, the run game would have taken too much time. That's just the way it went.

Q: Is there some panic setting in on this team?

Young: No. I don't know about panic, we definitely have to have a sense of urgency. There aren't many games left, and we're definitely not waving any white flags.

Q: How much of it is mental toughness? It's not going well, but you've got to bear down.

Young: It's definitely going to be tested. 3 game losing streak, losing at home, that hurts even more. We're going to see what we're made of up at Penn State.

Q: Where do you begin to rally? What was said in the locker room?

Young: There's not much said after a loss. Besides the fact that we are going to be tested mentally, the leaders are going to be tested, how we conduct ourselves during the week, on the practice field. We've got to get back on track here.

Q: Getting down 21-0, how does it change things for you guys?

Young: It really didn't change anything at all. We knew could move the ball, we had more total yards than them. That says it right there, it's just a matter of us sticking to it and actually having drives and not going 3-and-out. Putting it in the end zone, that's what it came down to.

Q: Did you see this coming, or did you feel prepared?

Young: If I saw a loss coming, we wouldn't be in the situation we are right now. We're prepared every week. Practices are going well, that's sports. We didn't play the way we needed do.

Q: Earlier this week you talked about establishing an offensive rhythm. First and second down, leading into third and long, an inch here or maybe one missed block here. How close is the offense to that rhythm?

Young: At times, we showed rhythm on our scoring drives. It's just a matter of us being consistent, really. We know we can, we have, but we've got to give ourselves a chance. We're not running enough plays to win, we keep going 3 and out.

Q: A lot of the times today Jake was sacked, he was hurried, how much of that is the line, how much is Jake, how much is guys not picking up blocks?

Young: It's ac combination of everything. A combination of him not being protected, receivers not getting open, and him holding onto the ball too long. It's everything. It's not just one particular group or man. We're not doing what we needed to. We're not protecting, not getting open, and of course it's going to look like he's getting hurried every time, when he has to hold the ball forever.

Q: How frustrating is a loss like this?

Young: Very. There's no such thing as a good loss. Every loss is frustrating. We've got a little streak here, and that's never a good thing.

Q: What do you do to build this team's confidence back up?

Young: You've got to come out ready to play. You've got to earn confidence. That's where your preparation comes in. We've been working hard in practice, we're prepared every week, it just seems when we lose, we don't give ourselves a chance to win. We weren't fundamentally sound today. We had stupid penalties, turnovers that we usually don't do. You can't win if you don't give yourself a chance to win.

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