Post-IU: Bryon Gattas Transcript

Bryon Gattas spoke with the media on Saturday. Read what he had to say about the week ahead, his first start, and more in this premium transcript

Q: Talk a bit about your first start, extended action?

Bryon Gattas: It's unfortunate that I had to start like this with Mike having some trouble, but I was excited to start. I prepared all week like I was going to start, even though we weren't sure until Wednesday. It's just disappointing to come out with a loss, like we did.

Q: What kind of role did Mike play on the sideline, an extra set of eyes?

Gattas: He's like my own personal coach on the sideline. Klink's a real student of the game, he really knows what he's doing all the time. He's like another set of eyes on the field. He's pretty helpful.

Q: Was it what you expected, did it come quicker than you thought?

Gattas: Of course you're a little nervous to start the game, but after the first play, you're just playing football. It's something you do all your life.

Q: How do you guys move forward?

Gattas: We just have to take a look at the film, see where our miscues were, and I'm sure there are plenty. We're going to keep working hard. The only way to get better is to keep working. I'm sure that's what we'll be doing for the next week.

Q: 7 straight big ten losses.

Gattas: It's hard to lose games, it's always hard to lose, no matter who it's to. Every week is hard when you lost, but you just have to really rely on your teammates when things are down. We all are confident that we'll be able to get back and start winning some games here.

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