Indy Post Game: Trey Stross Q&A

Trey Stross played four plays against Indiana on Saturday. One of those plays was a 'Hail Mary' touchdown at the end of the first half. He was also involved in a heated discussion with an Iowa coach on the sidelines after spiking the ball on that play and getting a personal foul penalty. Read about that and more...

Q: How hard is it as a receiver and quarterback to be on the same page with all that you have been through at the position?

Trey Stross: Our receivers have been down and out this whole year. Four guys are out, I came back a little bit today. It has to be tough on Jake. The timing is pretty close, but it's not the same. Coming into the year, we had a really good receiving corps and depth. Now, today, I think Paul, Cleveland and Derrell got every rep and I got in for four plays. If I was told this was going to happen to the receivers, I would not have believed it.

Q: What needs to be done when Jake is under pressure?

Stross: In my opinion, it's getting a feel for Jake. I know him well, and he knows me. We have a scramble drill on where to go, and we have to stick to that. Our line needs to protect better.

Q: Is there a lack of confidence on this team right now?

Stross: I don't know. It's not a good feeling. Right now we are not feeling good because its right after the game. Tomorrow we will feel bad, but we work on fixing the stuff and we plan on turning this around.

Q: Take us through the touchdown play.

Stross: It was a victory pass. We wanted to make a play, so we sent everyone to the endzone and I was on the back side. I knew the ball was going to go to the right and I trailed the play, and the ball bounced my way.

Q: Did that pick you guys up at all heading into the locker room?

Stross: It seemed like it did. It put us back in the game a bit. Coming out the second half, we competed more and were playing harder. We came out with a different demeanor in the second half.

Q: What happened between you and Assistant coach Eric Johnson after your touchdown, when you spiked the ball. It seemed that you two exchanged words on the sidelines.

Stross: I was having a redshirt sophomore (moment); first game back and do something like that. He has been around here a long time. Longer than I will ever be or have been. He understands how to win. All the great players like Brad Banks and Ed Hinkel, they never did anything like that. To have someone with my status right now do that, it was kind of a slap in the face to the program. I let emotions get to me... It was my bad. I don't think it was a bad thing necessarily, but I can see where the coaches are coming from. It was a 15 yard penalty, but I didn't think the penalty would carry over. I guess it did. It didn't affect anything because our defense did a good job and we got the ball back and scored. I lucked out there.

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