PSU Week: Jake Christensen Q&A

Jake Christensen spoke with the media on Tuesday, just before he and his teammates took the practice field to prepare for this week's game against Penn State. He was asked about criticism, playing at Penn State and more...

Q: What do you say to the fans that are down right now?

Jake Christensen: Just stick with us. We are going to turn this thing around. We have no doubts, and hopefully they don't doubt us.

Q: Do you hear the criticism?

Christensen: You have to block it out. People will say what they will. They are entitled to their opinion, but we are going to stick together. We are trying to win football games.

Q: What do you guys have to do to reduce the number of sacks?

Christensen: I have to get the ball off quicker, obviously. When you are down three scores, they know you are gonna throw and they pin their ears back. Overall, the sacks are a combination of the way the game is going on. It wasn't a major malfunction with our scheme, it was one of those deals where they had a bead on when we were throwing the ball.

Q: This will be your first time at Penn State. What have you heard about it?

Christensen: It's gonna be loud. Just like Wisconsin, just like Iowa State. We expect a loud crowd. We have to focus on our task at hand. It's fun to play at a place like that. You think about that growing up. We have a great opportunity.

Q: Are the sacks fixable?

Christensen: Yeah. Like I said, you are down 21-0, they knew we were going to throw and they didn't have to worry about the run.

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