PSU Week: Rafael Eubanks Q&A

Iowa center Rafael Eubanks met with the Iowa media on Tuesday just before he and his teammates took the practice field to prepare for this week's opponent; Penn State. Eubanks was asked about last week's high sack total, criticism of the team and more...

Q: Do you think you guys are pressing too hard out there?

Rafael Eubanks: There can be some points like that. We are trying to force the issue, and that could have been a reason for so many penalties. Trying to get a little too aggressive. That could be a factor, but I think that right now, our consistency offensively, getting both aspects in the run and pass together at the same time

Q: People outside the program see the off the field problems, and the losses, and think that the wheels are coming off.

Eubanks: That is what people will think, especially after this season, and how we started this year. As an insider, I don't feel that way at all. I think the feel this year to last year is a lot different. We are a closer team. We paid our dues in the out of season. It has not translated into wins, but we are not going to back down no matter what.

Q: How close is the offense to getting a breakout performance?

Eubanks: There were some good things that we did last week, and there are some things that really hurt us. I think it will take one thing to spark this offense. We have done things well on both sides, running and passing, we just have to get it together.

Q: Was blitzing the major problem against Indiana?

Eubanks: Nine sacks is disappointing. The biggest thing was a little bit of our not blocking for him, and some of Jake being uncomfortable back there. That starts with us up front. We are not giving him the confidence he needs to sit in the pocket and make plays. That is the biggest thing for us. As soon as we give him the confidence to give the skill players a chance to make plays, that will be when it happens.

Q: When an offense struggles, fans don't call for the head of the center, they call for the QB. How is Jake's confidence?

Eubanks: It was tough for him last weekend. He is very into this. He hates losing. He is not a guy that is going to point fingers. He didn't come to us and say it was our fault. It was a team thing. Being the center and being the leader of the line, I think that I need to try to work to get this group going. I think it does start with us. I think that we saw the effect that we had last weekend with some of the things we did, and we have to pick it up.

Q: Through two games, you looked good. Recently, has it been about execution more than anything else?

Eubanks: I think that some of it is execution. It's tough looking at the Indiana game. There were a lot of good pictures of us running the ball, a lot of good pictures of us picking up blitzes. We know we can do it, it's just getting that consistency throughout the game knowing that we can do what we need to do.

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