Illinois Week: Matt Kroul Q&A

Iowa junior defensive lineman Matt Kroul spoke about Iowa's upcoming game against Illinois when he met with the state of Iowa media on Saturday. He also spoke about Jacody Coleman, playing against an option attack and more...

Q: How hard is it to get turnovers as a defense and not turn it into points?

Matt Kroul: Winning and losing usually correlates to turnover margin, but this year is not. You keep pushing and trying to force turnovers and the offense will do something. I think it will eventually turn into wins. The offense will make something of it at some point.

Q: It seems like Charles Godfrey is always around the ball.

Kroul: He is a great player. He has really stepped up this year. He is a senior and it's good that he is playing well.

Q: Is it hard for you to face an option attack?

Kroul: I just play my guy. They are going to run and you get out of the box and make the tackle.

Q: Is it tougher on the defensive ends?

Kroul: It depends on what kind of scheme. The ends or the outside backers will have a tough game and hopefully we are ready.

Q: Is it different without Klinkenborg back there?

Kroul: Gattas has stepped in well. He is the same kind of player back there making the call. All three of the seniors that are rotating, it's not a factor

Q: Jacody Coleman seems like an emotional spark.

Kroul: That is the word. He is a spark plug. He is a freshman and excited. He is chirping and getting after it. We really feed off of that.

Q: Does he have a vocal presence on the sidelines?

Kroul: I think he knows his position. On the sidelines, he still learns as he goes. But on the field he lets it loose and gets after it.

Q: Is it nice to see Klinkenborg on the sidelines?

Kroul: He has been a leader of our defense for two years. He was coming up to us and telling us what we needed to do.

Q: Is it harder for the younger guys to keep their confidence up?

Kroul: They are all young, and they are learning as they go. How things work, how does the team take the losses and take it in stride and turn it into a positive. They should play a big part in getting us back on track.

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