Illinois Week: Matt Kroul Q&A

Iowa senior linebacker Mike Humpal spoke about Iowa's upcoming game against Illinois when he met with the state of Iowa media on Saturday. He also spoke about Jacody Coleman, playing against an option attack and more...

Q: Has it been different playing alongside some of the younger guys?

Mike Humpal: It's nothing noticeable. The guys that have been playing have been doing a good job. They understand the defenses. I think Klink is looking to get back this week. I think he will be.

Q: What do you think of Jacody Coleman? He seems energetic out there.

Humpal: Yeah, he does have a lot of energy, for a younger guy. He is a real smart guy, too. A lot of times its tough for first year guys to pick up the defense as quick as he has. AJ did a good job of it. Jacody brings some enthusiasm out there, coming in with Gattas. It's good to see that.

Q: When was the last time you faced an option?

Humpal: Indiana was a threat there. With quarterbacks that can run, we have seen a few of them this year.

Q: What are the keys for you at your position with an option attack?

Humpal: It all depends on the defense we are in. There are a lot of different ways to defend it.

Q: Last year in Champaign, Juice missed 19 of his first 21 passes. A year later, they are 5-1, in the top 25. Is it surprising that they turned it around so quickly?

Humpal: They had a lot of youth last year and this year too. A lot of young guys have stepped up. I wouldn't say it's surprising. Young guys give you a lot of room for improvement.

Q: Did they look talented last year?

Humpal: I don't know. We only spent one week on them. I can't really judge that.

Q: Have you had to step up your game with Klinkenborg out?

Humpal: Every week, you try to prepare yourself as much as you can for the game no matter who else is around you. There are 10 other guys out there. With Bryon and Jacody in there, that haven't played as much as Klink has, you try to step up a little bit and be more of a leader.

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