Illinois Week: Jake Christensen Q&A

Sophomore quarterback Jake Christensen spoke with the Iowa media on Tuesday, just before practice. He was asked about taking more chances on offense, if he was on board with Iowa's offensive philosophy, if the fact that the coaches have stuck with him this year given him confidence, and more...

Q: How hard is it when the offense is not clicking?

Jake Christensen: It gets to you. But once you get that first down, I think things start rolling and you kind of forget about the plays before. You have to have a short memory.

Q: What did you think when you guys had the ball at the Penn State 37 and coach elected to punt?

Christensen: I never thought about it. It's his decision, and he makes the right calls. We were not moving the ball like we needed to and we wanted to pin them deep if we could.

Q: Are you comfortable with the offensive philosophy now, or would you like to see some changes to open it up?

Christensen: I am pretty confident.

Q: Did you see more confidence in the huddle after you scored and then came back on offense?

Christensen: I think we had more confidence, that is natural after you score. Especially when things were not going well. We have a lot more confidence. That game was not over until the next drive when we had to punt the ball back. If we had scored there, it would have been interesting.

Q: Do you think you need to take more chances on offense?

Christensen: Maybe. You can't be gun shy if you are a quarterback. I wouldn't say I have been, but at the same time you have to take your chances. It's about risk reward. If the reward is out there. You have to look at the hard you can do to the offense, but we have to score points and we will do what we can to do that.

Q: What do you think about Illinois' defense?

Christensen: They are a good team, they have good linebackers coming back and a good secondary. They are good. They are a ranked team and they beat Wisconsin and Penn State back to back and they will give us their best shot.

Q: Has the fact that the coaches have stuck with you and haven't taken you out, has that helped your confidence?

Christensen: Yeah, I wouldn't expect that. That is not something you expect when you are playing, to be taken out.

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