Media Day Q&A: Dan Bohall

Dan Bohall might not be a name that Iowa basketball fans are familiar with. He redshirted two years and ago, and as he puts it, was basically on the team to guard Adam Haluska in practice last year. Bohall had some interesting comments during Iowa's media day on Thursday, about his future as well as some thoughts on former coach Steve Alford.

Q: Talk about the improvements you have made in your game.

Dan Bohall: I made a lot of them. I spent a lot more time this summer working out instead of just hanging out. My first summer, I redshirted so I didn't push myself that hard. Second summer, I knew I would be behind Adam Haluska and wouldn't get a lot of time. So I went with the flow. This summer, I felt like I needed to push myself, since we have limited guards, a new coach and I set my priorities right. I put basketball where it needed to be.

Q: Was Coach Alford on you to get more productive in those first two years?

Bohall: No. Basically, all he wanted me to do during the season was guard Haluska each day in practice and push him. So all I did was play a lot of defense.

Q: Is it nice to have a coach that doesn't care what number you have on your jersey?

Bohall: Yeah. He is a great coach. All of us were really excited when we saw he was coming here. We knew that if he could take Butler to Sweet 16's, a smaller school, then he could do the same thing if not better here with the right people. We have to buy into his system and play as a team. The biggest thing we need to do is get the defense down. They played better defense than we did, and we are trying to grasp that.

Q: It sounds like Coach Lickliter's system is simple, to hear him say it. Does that make it easier on the players?

Bohall: Yeah. He makes the game real simple. Before, it seemed complicated at times with Coach Alford. But with Coach Lickliter, the game is black and white, this is what we do and why we do it. If you mess up, you clearly know what you did wrong. When we don't shoot gaps, we don't gamble. You play straight up defense, contain and contest. You don't let people drive. Don't go for steals, because if you gamble and miss, then it's five on four. That is basically what it is, black and white.

Q: That may not be the flashy style of offense yet, is it still exciting knowing that it's not something that will be a struggle to execute?

Bohall: It's pretty simple. He gives us freedom, which lets us play the game.

Q: What are the strengths you bring to the table?

Bohall: Probably three-point shooting. I shoot a lot from the outside. I have been really working on my defense this summer, because that is what Coach Lickliter really likes. Trying to become that all around player that I need to be. It takes time and I am ready to prove it to them and put in the effort to do that.

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