Media Day Q&A: Seth Gorney

Seth Gorney is in his senior year at Iowa, and he has a new lease on life. That's at least how he sounds when talking about his new coach, Todd Lickliter. Read what Seth had to say about that, as well as some of his comments about Iowa basketball under Steve Alford...

Q: You are a leader now, but in a new system. What does that entail?

Seth Gorney: I think the biggest thing is trying to learn what coach Lickliter wants us to learn, then after that, getting the young guys on the same page. It has been tough, because we are all at different levels. The freshmen don't know how to defend some things, where I do. I try to teach them some easier ways to look at things.

Q: What you know of the new system, what is the biggest difference between it and the system that Coach Alford had?

Gorney: I think defense is the biggest aspect that he wants us to do. As I said, we haven't put in offense yet and I don't think we will for a while. I think that is the biggest thing, just defense. Last year, we were more offense based. We did a little bit of defense, how to play the common things. This year, we are breaking down anything. Any scenario that can be out there, we are getting it down.

Q: Has the transition been hard on you?

Gorney: I think that time frame when Coach left and a new coach came in. I didn't know what to expect. I knew that he knew how to win, and I am looking forward to that. But it hasn't been that tough. He does thing differently, and that is what we have to pick up, the little things.

Q: Was there ever a thought to your mind of not wanting to stick around?

Gorney: I don't think so. I welcome this coach with open arms and wanted to give him a chance. I think it's a great opportunity for me here.

Q: Tomorrow at midnight, you can start practicing. What have you noticed this summer from the younger kids?

Gorney: Over the summer, I got to see Jaryd Cole a lot; he was on my PTL team. He is very strong and aggressive. He reminds me a lot of Brunner. More raw.

Q: Can you guard him, push him around?

Gorney: He does like to push everyone around. He is just really raw in a lot of what he does, and he tries to bully his way through. With a new guy, it's tough to know what they do. Once you get acclimated to what they do, it's easier to adjust. As far as the others, Jake has proven that he can play at this level, and Jeff too. They are real smart. They know what to do and how to pick it up when they need to. They listen to everyone and try to get down what we need to.

Q: In listening to the coaches, it sounds more team oriented now, like there is a difference from this staff from the previous staff.

Gorney: Yeah. I think that comes with experience. Alford, he has coached for a while, but Lickliter has been an assistant longer. He knows what wins games. Basketball is five on five, and not one on one. If we can play together as a team, we will win more.

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