Media Day Q&A: Coach Chad Walthall

Last year, Chad Walthall was the Athletic Director and men's basketball coach at Loras College in Dubuque. This year, he is an assistant coach in the Big Ten for Todd Lickliter's Iowa basketball program...

Q: What are you expecting out of practice tomorrow?

Chad Walthall: That is a good question. What you usually expect in first practices. It is a fun time. I think that we are going to try to get our system in and the guys have been terrific thus far. They are picking up the system and it will be a process. We will start that process tomorrow and go from there.

Q: What was your familiarity with Coach Lickliter before coming here.

Walthall: 10 years. We worked together at Eastern Michigan and I had a few chances to go to Butler and I had my own thing at Loras. We have stayed in touch consistently over the years and done a lot of things with our families. We talked a lot of ball. This is new to me as far as working with him as far as him being a head coach, but I had a pretty good understanding of his system. It's still a little bit new, but it's fun.

Q: What is his system, in a nutshell?

Walthall: I think it's a team that plays together. It's a team that is united, that pulls for one another. A team that has always had good defense, a team that is good with the ball, taking care of and valuing the ball. Those are some of the basics.

Q: Is valuing the basketball at both ends a key in this system?

Walthall: It will be important. It is a team and a philosophy that is opportunistic on the offensive side of the ball, and a team that will play sound defense and not make mental or physical mistakes. We rely a lot on intelligence. Hopefully that will help us a lot this year.

Q: Does it ever hit you that you are a coach in the Big Ten, having come from Loras?

Walthall: It does. It's pretty cool, I will be honest. At the same time, it is still a people business. Recruiting is recruiting, but on a bigger level. It's neat being on this level, but at the same time, as far as what I do for a living, at the end of the day it's still the same. I am a coach and I teach the game and I recruit. It's different not being a head coach, but that is fine.

Q: It probably wasn't that big of a jump for your family to come here.

Walthall: It has been a cool adjustment. Our kids have loved it as has my wife. It is only an hour and a half away from Dubuque. To stay in the Midwest in this profession, and stay in Iowa and work in this league where I grew up, it's really a great opportunity.

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