Post Illini: Jake Christensen Q&A

Jake Christensen helped lead Iowa to its first Big Ten win of the 2007 season on Saturday. It was also his first Big Ten win as Iowa's starting quarterback. Read what Jake had to say about the game, the emotions near the end of the contest and more...

Q: What can you say about the fan support today?

Jake Christensen: That was one of the most exciting atmospheres ever at Kinnick. There are no words to describe our fans, they are sticking with us. It's great

Q: The passing game seemed more in synch today.

Christensen: We are harping on the fact that we have to start fast and produce better and get better. We did a better job this week moving the ball, but in the red zone we sputtered. But a win is a win, and we will take it.

Q: The defense came up big, too.

Christensen: It about stopped my heartbeat on the touchdown, but the penalty flag was one of the best sights I have seen. The defense, we could say it each week about their play, they put us in good situations. They have been unreal thus far.

Q: What were you thinking after the Greenwood interception?

Christensen: We need a first down and then it's over. That was all I was thinking about. The offensive line gave us huge running holes. Albert ran so hard. You could see it in his face, he and Damian, they were running hard, they are seniors and want to go out with a bang.

Q: You guys went for it twice on 4th down in first quarter. What does that say?

Christensen: We were pretty close on getting them, too. It's one of those things where coach wanted to give us confidence. That he thinks we could get it. It didn't work out and it was a good call.

Q: What went on on the fumbled snap?

Christensen: Miscommunication. I was checking the play, and Rafael thought the count was different than it was. That is my fault, I have to make sure everything is clear.

Q: Were you surprised that Illinois took the penalty (on the play before Iowa's touchdown)

Christensen: I was very surprised. Going for it on fourth down prior to that caused them to do that. It's one of those things that worked out late in the game and helped us out.

Q: You were jogging off the field, thinking it was fourth down.

Christensen: I did, I thought they were going to decline it and make us kick the field goal.

Q: Then you get to go back out there.

Christensen: I said to Coach O'Keefe that that wasn't a good idea there. He started laughing and said that is what happens when we went for it. It came back and helped us.

Q: What did you see on the touchdown play?

Christensen: He was wide open. He ran a good route on the middle linebacker, he came down on Brandon. I missed him on the identical play against Indiana. You can't throw not to lose. You have to throw the ball. I hit him and he made a great play.

Q: It seems like a simple play. Why was it so open?

Christensen: He ran a good route. You give a guy two options, he makes the call and you go with the other one. They left him open.

Q: Was it a post or a seam?

Christensen: I don't think I should say.

Q: You got to the endzone as fast as your pass did.

Christensen: It was so exciting. The stadium exploded. We had a feeling we were going to score. Was that the drive where I didn't run for the first down and threw to Derrell? I should have run the ball, so I apologize for that one.

Q: There was a new look offensive line with Doering and Bulaga in there. Is that maybe the group we will see from here on out?

Christensen: I have no idea. They did a good job filling in.

Q: Talk about your emotions after last first down, you were pretty demonstrative there.

Christensen: Yeah, we were so excited to get the win and let the fans know that we were so proud of them for sticking with us. I know it's tough some times, but they stuck with us through the years through some good and bad games. We wanted to let them know we were excited.

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