PU Week: Jake Christensen Q&A

Iowa quarterback Jake Christensen has seen a lot of pressure this year on the field. He has dealt with a lot of pressure off the field during Iowa's losing streak. Yet, he's thrown just two interceptions, and his performance in Tuesday media sessions has been unflappable. Today, he was asked about what he thinks the role of the media is, and if he has to bite his tongue in interviews...

Q: Was the touchdown play to Brandon Myers the same play you ran against Indiana?

Jake Christensen: It was the same type of play. I missed it against Indiana. But we worked on it the week after that and it showed that it worked out good for us Saturday.

Q: You might get Tony Moeaki back this week, but things are clicking with Brandon

Christensen: I think both of them are very capable. I think if Tony is cleared to play, we will see both of them in there quite a bit. Brandon has shown a lot of good things, so it will be hard to just replace him right away. We will have to keep him in the game plan.

Q: How good was it to see Doering in there?

Christensen: It's always good to see guys get playing time under their belt. It's good for him and Bulaga as well. Whoever practices better will play this week. I am not sure what the talk is about it. There is a lot of emphasis in practice around here.

Q: The rotation doesn't matter to you?

Christensen: We all have confidence on who they put in the game. A coach knows what he is doing with the offensive line. I am sure they will get the job done.

Q: They are four or five inches taller than Julian and Travis. Does that affect things?

Christensen: I don't even see that.

Q: Do you do anything differently after the games, when you win?

Christensen: You don't sit around and talk about what you could have done, you don't think about it, you sleep a lot better. Just a feeling of relief and happiness.

Q: Do you talk with your family during the week?

Christensen: I talk to all of my family, my dad, my mom and my brother, the same as every other college kid.

Q: Did you ever look at Purdue in the recruiting process?

Christensen: A little bit, but Painter was a year older than me. He was their guy at the time and I decided that it wouldn't be best for me to go there.

Q: Is that a fun offense for a quarterback?

Christensen: I guess. He gets to throw it quite a bit. I think any offense is fun when you are scoring points. Whatever works for them.

Q: Are there things that you can take from last year's Purdue game, as a team, into this year's game?

Christensen: I think so. I think our defense did a great job holding them down last year and we scored points early and often. The goal is to do that every week.

Q: Will you look at film from that game last year, or just focus on what they are doing this year?

Christensen: We look at everything. Every team likes to do certain things against certain teams. And they change it up. We will take it all into account.

Q: Did you get a chance to read the Des Moines Register article with Drew Tate last week?

Christensen: No, I heard a little talk about it, people saying he got interviewed.

Q: How do you view the role of the media, when we come out here to talk with you guys? Coach opened the press conference with a few comments on some articles from last week, including the Tate article, and one that mentioned why Doering hadn't played more.

Christensen: You have to report the news. It's your job to try and find things that we wouldn't want to talk about.

Q: We can't talk to any receivers, they are freshmen (laughs).

Christensen: That is probably a good thing, they need to stay focused (joking). Every time you guys get a scoop it sells more papers. I guess it's our job to try and silence those things. The thing with Drew, I don't know what it was about. Was it negative?

Q: Yeah…

Christensen: He is misunderstood.

Q: One of the things he said was last year against Northwestern, they knew what you guys were going to do, that the offense is predictable.

Christensen: Hearing that, it leads me to believe it wasn't in the interview, maybe he was just talking. He is a very misunderstood person. Some people (outside the program) thought he was a jerk on the team, but he just wanted to win. He was very competitive. He doesn't hide his emotions and what he is feeling, that is no secret. I am sure that he realizes that he would call coach if something was off. You guys are just trying to get the scoop

Q: Do you have to bite your tongue if you get a stupid question from us?

Christensen: Yeah, all the time. We all do. (Laughs) You have to. You can't say anything out of line. Everyone has a question once in a while that they say something that they didn't mean or comes out wrong.

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