PU Week: Rafael Eubanks Q&A

Iowa center Rafael Eubanks met with the media before Tuesday's practice session. He was asked about playing alongside two new faces in the second half of Iowa's 10-6 win over Illinois, and more in this Q&A transcript

Q: Did you feel like things were turning your way on Saturday?

Rafael Eubanks: It's big. It's hard to say. For me, I think it was the most rewarding, or one of the most rewarding wins I have ever experienced, knowing that we worked so hard and haven't had the success that we wanted. To finally get it, we can use that as more motivation to get better and it's crucial.

Q: You talked about the extra time the OL spent last week after practice; you were flanked by two new guys in the game. Talk about how Bulaga and Doering did.

Eubanks: They did a great job. I told them that they had the ability to do it, to just go out there and work your butt off basically. I didn't feel there was any fall off. There were no problems out there. They did a great job stepping in and not letting their play fall at all. I didn't have to do much to help out. I was surprised. I expected to have to help a little bit, Bulaga is a true freshman but he did a great job.

Q: This week is a different challenge, in that it's a road game?

Eubanks: That will be different. But the good thing is that we have had a lot of experience on the road this year, in tough environments. I have grown to like the road games, because it's something different and makes it interesting. It should be good.

Q: I was talking more along the lines of for Dan and Brian.

Eubanks: We practice it. It's harder on the road. It will be different for those guys but they will be able to handle it. It's part of the game.

Q: As an offensive line, you have made strides through the season. What still needs to happen, if you look at film from Saturday, what are the two or three most glaring things that need to be improved?

Eubanks: I think overall as a unit, it's hard to point at specific things, because it's different for each person. But continuing to raise our level of play. It's neat to see the progress in some of the younger guys, their first year playing. I think Calloway has come a long way, and it's exciting to see the progress. We need to still get better on our pass protections. Best case scenario is we would love to have no sacks, that is what any line strives for. I think we continue on that, and just getting better on staying on guys in the running game.

Q: Did you see the article in the Register on Tate last week?

Eubanks: I heard a bunch about it. Someone asked me about the media earlier. The less we can pay attention to it the better.

Q: How do you view the role of the media, on Tuesdays or Saturdays? What do you view our role as?

Eubanks: People like to speculate about things. It's our chance to try to get a little bit of the inside out to everyone. To let them know how things really are. I think for the most part, we are not going to lie to you guys and be honest. It gives the fans a little bit more in-depth look at anything.

Q: Can you tell when you are being led?

Eubanks: Yeah. We have smart guys. We are going to make sure that we don't say anything nuts to hurt anyone.

Q: Does bulletin board stuff matter? If you saw someone from Purdue saying something, does that get back to you?

Eubanks: In extremes, yes. That can give you a little motivation. I don't want to say anything about what Julian (Vandervelde) said (before the Iowa State game). I just think it does play a role with something like that.

Q: You guys are pretty self motivated.

Eubanks: Yeah. We want to win every week. That is the biggest thing. You try to use anything you can get. Rarely do we have hatred or anything like that.

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