Terran Benton: Iowa City 'Perfect'?

Terran Benton, a 5-11, 170 pound corner out of Mansfield Summit HS in Arlington, Texas spent this weekend in Iowa City on an official visit. Read what Benton had to say about his visit, Iowa City, Dallas Clark and much more in this premium recruiting Q&A

Q: What were your impressions of your visit?

Terran Benton: I liked it. It was my first time getting out of Texas in my whole life, the first time flying on a plane. It really impressed me how everybody acts in Iowa. I thought Iowa was going to be nothing but farms and a few houses. In Iowa City, there are a lot of people, and they love the sport of football. The people are so nice at Iowa, it's crazy how nice they are. At Texas, I don't see that every day. It's someplace I can pretty much call home, because I feel so comfortable down there.

Q: You talk about Iowa fans being crazy, but a lot of people imagine Texas High School Football fans as the craziest. Is it at all comparable?

Benton: It's pretty much the same. In Iowa, that's all they have, college football. They treat their football like it's a professional football team. We have everything, baseball, basketball, and it's all separate. In Iowa, everybody likes football. It's pretty much the same. In Iowa, everyone loves football.

Q: Who was your host?

Benton: Brian Mungongo was my host. He used to go to Summit. When I was a freshman and sophomore, I was a running back with Brian. He's still the same man, he's still quiet, but he can have fun as well. Brian is still the same Brian.

Q: Did you get a chance to talk with the coaching staff much?

Benton: I had time talking with Coach Parker, the defensive back coach. He knows everything about the game of football and how to play. I talked with a recruiting coach, Coach Wilson, he was a really nice guy. I also talked with the head coach, Coach Ferentz. That's a coach that really knows his football players. You can tell, he doesn't have to yell to make the players do better. All he has to do is give them a certain look and they know that they did a bad thing or a good thing.

Q: Dallas Clark talked with you guys, what was your impression of him?

Benton: Dallas Clark. He said he lost some weight, but he still looks humongous. Bob Sanders was supposed to be there, but he had the flu. What he said about Iowa is that the fans are crazy, they love their football, they're nice. Then, come to find out, he wasn't giving us no bull. Everything he was saying was the truth.

Q: What schools are contacting you the most at this point?

Benton: Iowa, Iowa State, Kansas and Arkansas State. (All offered)

Q: When you're going on other visits, are you looking for something specific, comparing it to Iowa?

Benton: I'm glad I went to Iowa first. That's going to be a tough challenge. It seemed perfect. I know no city is perfect, but Iowa City seemed almost perfect. I'd never been to a place like that. It woke me up, showed me this was a good school. The players are positive about the school too. I'm going to Iowa State this weekend. I've got four more visits, so I'm going to take all of those, but I'll just compare all of them to Iowa and the other schools.

Q: You'll probably wait a while before your decision?

Benton: I'll probably wait until February, or maybe right after my last visit.

Q: Do you have any other visits scheduled at this point?

Benton: Kansas, that's in December. I'll also visit Missouri, and I've got to decide on my 4th visit, Arkansas State or Wisconsin.

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