David Cato Talks About His Commitment

We caught up with David Cato on Thursday to talk about his recent commitment to the Iowa Hawkeyes. The 5-10, 190 pound safety had visited on Saturday as the Hawkeyes beat the Illini. Read what he had to say about Iowa, Terran Benton, and much more in this premium recruiting update.

Q: What changed, giving you your decision earlier than expected?

David Cato: I just had taken a visit to Iowa, and they showed me a lot of love. I felt like I wasn't getting hat love rom any other schools. Iowa was calling me every week. No other teams really did that. I went on the visit, and I feel like I can go in and make an impact, show what I can do.

Q: Where are they looking to put you?

Cato: Strong Safety.

Q: Do you prefer to be up closer to the line?

Cato: I prefer playing strong safety. It doesn't matter where they put me, I'm just going to run to the ball.

Q: Out on the field, what kind of player are you? What makes you stand out?

Cato: I always go after the ball. Where the ball is, that's where I am.

Q: Is there a guy you model yourself after?

Cato: There have been comparisons between me and Bob Sanders, I'm not that big myself. When I come, I bring something.

Q: Have you been recruiting Terran now?

Cato: Yeah. I've been talking to him. He's going to take some more visits before he decides.

Q: Are you taking any other visits?

Cato: I don't think so. I'm just going to focus now on high school football.

Q: What are you stats like so far this year?

Cato: I have about 74 tackles with 15 assists, 6.5 sacks, 10+ tackles for loss.

Q: When you made the call, which coach did you speak with?

Cato: Coach Darrell Wilson. He was actually calling me. I just told him as we were talking about something. All he coaches out there were excited and stuff. I got to talk to some more coaches. It was cool, exciting.

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