Iowa/Purdue Preview: A look at the stats

Iowa has a great defense, Purdue has a great offense. Check in on the Big Ten and National Stat rankings of each of these teams in this free preview item.


Category: ### (national rank/big ten rank)

Iowa Rush D: 117 ypg (32/5)
Purdue Rush O: 139 ypg (76/9)

Iowa Pass D: 184 ypg (24/3)
Purdue Pass O: 295 ypg (18/2)

Purdue Rush D: 143 ypg (52/7)
Iowa Rush O: 121 ypg (90/10)

Purdue Pass D: 250 ypg (85/9)
Iowa Pass O: 192 ypg (92/10)

Purdue is #1 in the Big Ten in first downs, Iowa is last.

Purdue has the #1 red zone offense in the Big Ten. Iowa is last.

Purdue is #10 in the Big Ten in 3rd down conversions at 37.1%. Iowa is #11, at 33.6%

Iowa and Purdue are less than a minute apart in total time of posession, separated by only 5 seconds in average time of posession per game.

Purdue has the worst kickoff coverage in the Big Ten, with only 2 touchbacks, and a 36-yard net average, meaning an average starting position around the 36 yard line for Purdue's opponents.

Purdue's leading tackler averages only 6.7 tackles per game. Iowa's Mike Humpal averages 10.4 yards per game, good for third in the Big Ten.


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