Post PU: Mike Klinkenborg

Iowa saw the return of senior linebacker Mike Klinkenborg on Saturday. He had missed the past three games due to lingering effects from a concussion he suffered at Wisconsin. He recorded his first career interception.

Q: Well, you didn't get the win, but you came back and got an interception.

Mike Klinkenborg: That was the first interception of my career. But if you lose a game, it doesn't mean anything.

Q: Was it another case of them having the ball too much and wearing you down?

Klinkenborg: I don't know. I couldn't tell you what happened for sure. We will see if it was technique or something. We will look at the film.

Q: Did they catch you guys blitzing on a couple of those touchdowns?

Klinkenborg: We were coming after them more with pressure. We brought a little bit more today than usual.

Q: Talk about the concussios. What were the problems?

Klinkenborg: A lot of symptoms. A headache every day. My eyes are very sensitive to light since then. That is a problem you can have.

Q: Are you wearing colored contact lenses?

Klinkenborg: Yes, it helps to take off the glare. They are amber contacts.

Q: Could you believe they ran 91 plays?

Klinkenborg: When you play a team like Purdue, there will be more than 70 plays. That is just how they do things. We will have to look at the films and see what happened.

Q: Talk about Painter and Bryant, they seemed to execute well today.

Klinkenborg: Bryant is like Gonzales, any of those guys, shifty guys. Stubblefield from Purdue, a tremendous receiver. Painter had a great day today.

Q: Time is ticking down for you, you are a senior; where is this team headed?

Klinkenborg: We have four weeks left. We could still become bowl eligible and that is what we have to fight for.

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