MSU Week: Jake Christensen Q&A

Iowa quarterback Jake Christensen met with the media prior to Tuesday's practice and answered questions on Iowa's upcoming opponent, the challenges the injured receiving corps has dealt to the offense and more...

Q: Given your offensive struggles, is the challenge more daunting going up against a Michigan State team that is scoring a lot of points?

Jake Christensen: Illinois was putting up a lot of points, too and we controlled the ball against them. Their offense wasn't that bad against us, but we had the ball more and had some long drives. If we could sustain some drives and capitalize in the redzone, that nullifies a great offense, keeps those high scores off the board

Q: It has to be important to get six and not just three.

Christensen: We always want to score touchdowns in the redzone. There is no secret about that.

Q: You guys are something like two touchdowns for the last 40 possessions.

Christensen: We are not scoring enough points right now, that's all I can say about it.

Q: Coach said today that he felt there was a specific bottoming out point for team, but said you are past it Do you agree with that?

Christensen: Yeah, I would agree with that. I would say there are a few things. It's tough having some situations off the field, like have been documenting. Also, the attitude last year, it wasn't bad but it wasn't the Iowa way and we are trying to get back to that.

Q: Do you feel that a bowl game is reachable?

Christensen: Yeah, we have four games left and the season could go two ways from here on out. We still control our own destiny. As an offense, we have to play better and give our team a chance to win.

Q: How tough is it to try to get that consistency, when every other week you are on the road?

Christensen: We haven't played well on the road. I wouldn't count soldier field as a road game. It is exciting to be home for a few weeks. I don't know who we play after Michigan State, if we are away or home. We like being home in front of our fans. Two weeks agol, they really helped us out a lot.

Q: How does it impact you to have different receivers out there each week?

Christensen: It's tough. We are sending guys in and out and there is nothing you can do. They are not trying to get hurt. That is the way that it is. Everything happens for a reason and we are being tested mentally, physically, and we have to push through this. Whoever is out there, I am confident they will get the job this weekend.

Q: You were tough on yourself after the last game. Is it hard to put that behind you?

Christensen: After Sunday we move on. Yesterday, we focused on Michigan Stat3e. I watched film on them. You don't want to forget about the loss and you want to learn, but you have to move on. We have all made a lot of mistakes, no doubt, but if we dwell on those, we would be playing worse than we have been.

Q: Have you overestimated or underestimated the importance of having the same group of receivers out there week to week?

Christensen: It's tough now and then, with timing routes. Other than that, it's a matter of getting it done. We have had some receivers in and out. Trey has been hurt, Ben Evans came in. It shouldn't be that big of a factor.

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