MSU Week: Mitch King Q&A

Mitch King has been a monster on the inside for the Iowa Hawkeyes this season. Not that that is something new; he's been tearing it up since he arrived on the scene back in 2005 as a redshirt freshman. King spoke with the media on Tuesday and talked about getting doubled teamed, off the field distractions and more...

Q: Kirk talked today about things having hit a rock bottom this year, and that they are moving back up. What do you think of that?

Mitch King: I know we are growing as a team. It might not show to you guys, because you don't see it. What is in the locker room and the leadership and younger guys growing and things like that, it is a positive for the program. You don't see it as much as we do if at all. We know we are taking the right steps and building to a place we want to get.

Q: What are some examples of that?

King: It's not a certain thing you can put your finger on, it's a collective unit and things that have happened over time.

Q: Michigan State seems like a straightforward team. Is that a better match for you guys?

King: We play well against the run, I think we do. We have a good chance to stop the run because we have in the past. But they are a good football team, and they are going to run the ball on us. We have to try hard. Against he run you have to be physical, and everyone has to pursue and tackle together. Gang tackle.

Q: What do you make of MSU's running backs?

King: They are great players. That is going to give us a problem. Coach Parker will put a good game plan in like he always does. He is good against that kind of stuff. He puts us in the right spot and we have to make the play. They will make things happen, but we have to minimize their big plays.

Q: Coach Parker used to coach at Michigan State. Do you think he will be more motivated for this game?

King: I don't know if we will hear anything about it. He has coached at how many other places? Is it in the high teens? I don't know that he has any more motivation than what we do to need to win the game. It's on us performing and winning the game and preparing to win the game and fight in this game.

Q: Last few weeks, you are seeing more double teams and are still making plays. How frustrating is that, to get the double teams?

King: That comes with the territory. You will be double teamed. I don't know if it's in a game plan. If I am double teamed, that leaves someone else not blocked or one on one, that gives us opportunities to make plays and that is what we are here for, to free things up for the guys in the back.

Q: Kirk talked about a few more players in trouble, that is 11 since Ryan Bain in May. Those are teammates of yours and you counted on them. Is that a matter of them letting you down?

King: I don't know if it's that, but you know that they were not committed and taking the right steps to take the program to the right place. They do what they do, and we are going to go on from there and become a better team and closer because we know who is committed to the right things in this program.

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