Iowa/MSU Preview: A look at the stats

Iowa and Michigan State both have their strengths and weaknesses, along with some top position performers. Check out statistical rankings, leaders, and more in this free preview item.


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(Stats are rounded down to the nearest whole yard)

Iowa Rush D: 117 ypg (29/4)
MSU Rush O: 219 ypg (14/2)

Iowa Pass D: 201 ypg (34/4)
MSU Pass O: 212 ypg (76/8)

MSU Rush D: 117 ypg (30/5)
Iowa Rush O: 116 ypg (95/11)

MSU Pass D: 226 ypg (65/7)
Iowa Pass O: 190 ypg (89/10)


Michigan State is the worst team in the Big Ten in punt erturns, averaging only 5.5 yards per return on 17 attempts. Iowa is averaging 13.9 yards per return on 20 attempts.

Michigan State and Iowa are both in the bottom three in the league in first downs. Michigan State has 165, Iowa has 136.

Michigan State, with 31, has nearly twice as many sacks as Iowa, at 17.

Iowa has the second best red zone defense in the league, allowing touchdowns only 65.2% of the time. Michigan State is second worst in the conference, allowing a touchdown 87% of the time their opponent enters the red zone.

Michigan State and Iowa are both 8 of 13 in field goals this year.

MSU's Devin Thomas ranks #1 in the Big Ten in all purpose yards per game. Through eight games, he was 170 yards rushing, 767 yards receiving, 10 punt return yards, and 687 on kickoff returns, for an average of 204 yards per game.

Iowa's Charles Godfrey is tied for the league lead in interceptions at 4. MSU's Otis Wiley is one behind at 3.

Iowa's Ryan Donahue is averagine 39.2 yards per punt. MSU's Aaron Bates is averaging 39.3.

Michigan State's Jonal Saint-Dic leads the Big Ten in fumbles forced, averaging one per game.

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