MSU Postgame: Jake Christensen Q&A

Iowa quarterback Jake Christensen didn't have the best passing game of his career, but he stepped up when it counted most. He threw a touchdown pass to Paul Chaney on 2nd and 20 to help Iowa defeat Michigan State in double overtime on Saturday...

Q: Did Albert lead with just his actions or did he say anything at half time?

Jake Christensen: Albert is a vocal guy, he is our leader and we all follow him. At halftime, he said to follow him and that we had to run the ball and that is what we did.

Q: Your numbers were not great for this game, does that mean anything now?

Christensen: Nothing at all. The win is all that we care about.

Q: What did they do to make things challenging for you?

Christensen: A few times, they left one guy and I had a guy in my face and I couldn't see Brandon, I guess he was wide open. One thing can hurt a play. We didn't execute in the first half and the second half was different. The holes were there, Albert was breaking tackles. They did a good job, they are a good team and they did a good job on us in the first half.

Q: What would have been the mindset of the team had you lost?

Christensen: Hmmm…I don't know. Upset probably. Obviously

Q: Would there have been an impact on the rest of the year?

Christensen: It's hard to tell; thankfully we don't have to think about that.

Q: You had struggled most of the game, and then you make that throw to a freshman receiver.

Christensen: He ran a good route and ran the right depth, and I threw before his break and he was there and made a great play afterwards. 2nd and 20 is not what we want, but it worked out for us.

Q: What gave you the confidence to make that throw after the game you had gone through?

Christensen: We never lose confidence. It's hard to do, human nature is to get down on things. But coach does a great job of keeping us level headed and we came back and won the game.

Q: Was that reverse in overtime a called play or did you check to them?

Christensen: Those were called. I don't check to a reverse, believe it or not. That is not in the playbook.

Q: It looked like you guys tried some different things in overtime?

Christensen: A little bit. Coach called a good game in the second half. They did a good job on the pass, and we ran the ball. We knew they were going to stack the box, and the reverse helped us in the second overtime. The O-line took over.

Q: What did Albert mean to this team in the second half?

Christensen: You can't describe it. We all play off him. He put us on his back today and we will need that for the rest of the year. He is our leader and a senior with the most experience and it shows.

Q: Did Kirk's rant before the half fire up the team?

Christensen: Not really, we don't pay attention to the officials or what coach does with them, but you get a little excited when you see coach get fired up towards those guys.

Q: Is this a game that you would have won a month ago, or is it a part of the maturation process?

Christensen: I don't know. The O-line grew up a ton today. They played their butt off; they opened holes as big as a car in the second half. They matured a ton. I would like to say we would have, but that is hindsight.

Q: What changed for the offense in the second half?

Christensen: We just made our minds up to pound the ball at them. The O-line took it over.

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