NW Post: Kirk on the Side

Kirk Ferentz met with members of the print media 'on the side' after his general press conference Q&A on Saturday. He was asked about his halftime tirade, if this game is something that Jake Christensen can stand on and more...

Q: What did you say to the players at half time?

Kirk Ferentz: I let them know how I felt. Maybe I came back and told them a few more times, too. I told them how I was feeling about things

Q: Which was…

Ferentz: It was not pretty. We looked passive in the first half and were not playing the way we were supposed to play. It was disappointing.

Q: Ballard and Clayborn played really well.

Ferentz: We saw it last week and they did it again today. I am hoping they are realizing the belong out there. Clayborn is a year older. I am not sure Christian always felt that way. It was good to see those guys make plays but get into the game. They figured out that they belong out there and it's really good to see. Our guys have been playing a lot and we need help for all of those guys.

Q: Are you bringing up the ‘B' word at all (bowls)?

Ferentz: We have put ourselves in position to maybe think about it. We are a one step at a time team. I know this, it would have been tough had we not pulled it off today. It's our job to finish up now. These last few weeks we have shown that we are interested in doing that.

Q: Did you see Humpal on that first drive, he came to the sideline in pain and it looked really bad.

Ferentz: That was a stinger, I thought. We have had elbows, concussions and our share of stingers. He was hurting. But the good news is that it wasn't his ankle. I can't say enough about the guy. All of these guys, the older guys are showing the younger guys what to do.

Q: Was it a high ankle sprain?

Ferentz: Fortunately it was a low, if it was high he would not have been playing.

Q: Last week it was the running game that got you back, today it was the pass. Are you still feeling your way as staff offensively with regards to what you can and can't do?

Ferentz: Yes and no. To me, they played us like they did Michigan, and they held Michigan well in the run game. They did a good job and we anticipated them to try to take the run away. Then you have to go with what is there. Fortunately we threw the ball well. We had our chances in the first three series. They were all convertible. I am not talking about a car. We just didn't get it done.

Q: Does this give Jake something to stand on?

Ferentz: Yeah. To me, especially given the circumstances, that is what has impressed me the most. It is tough to give a fair evaluation. But the one thing he has been consistent in is his work ethic, his leadership and he has showed a lot of courage and guts out there. It has been rough and bumpy. He has remained positive and focused on what is in front of him and not worry about what is behind him. If quarterbacks don't have that, they will not survive.

Q: Drew started out pretty high; is this natural for a quarterback, what we are seeing out of Jake as a sophomore?

Ferentz: We would all hope the passing numbers would be better earlier, but if you look at the way we are built…that is what I have been doing all along, you have to be realistic about our situation. He has done his best with it. Not that he can't do better, but I would like to think that as we move along it will become a little easier.

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