NW Post: Jake Christensen Q&A

Jake Christensen might have played two of the best quarters of his brief Iowa career on Saturday. That was after having one of the worst quarters of his career. But Iowa's QB has a short memory, and he stepped up in a big way to help lead Iowa to a road win against Northwestern...

Q: In the first half, you struggled but in the second half, it might have been the best you have looked. How do you go from that pass you missed to Tom Busch to playing so well?

Jake Christensen: It was the easiest throw I have ever missed in my life to Busch, then the boo-birds came out. I made my mind up from there on that I had to start playing better. The offensive line did a great job and the protection was good for the most part all day and the receivers made some plays.

Q: Was that rock bottom for you as a player when you missed that throw?

Christensen: I have had some pretty bad first half's this year, and this was one of them. I have to start getting better at that and I am confident that that will happen next week. I will play better in the first half, because we can afford that against the Michigan's and the Ohio State's of the world.

Q: Coach said some words at half time, what was that like?

Christensen: Uhh…coach was fired up, he was upset with us. Said we were lucky to be in it and to take advantage of the opportunity.

Q: How good were the receivers today, it seemed like you had a lot of confidence in them?

Christensen: I have always had confidence in them. That hasn't been the issue. Things started clicking better for us. They were getting behind people and getting open and that makes my job easier.

Q: The offense seemed to find a rhythm in the second half.

Christensen: Yeah, we did. I think the no huddle at the end of the first half is where it started. Once we did that, it loosened up and we got the touchdown drive. It;'s like we don't believe we can drive and score until we do it and then we are fine. The quicker we start doing that earlier, it will help.

Q: Did you hear the boos?

Christensen: It was hard not to hear that coming off the field.

Q: That is a rite of passage as the Iowa QB it seems. Did it bother you?

Christensen: I mean it hurts. It's not something that you want. It motivates you a little, but you don't expect that from your fans. On the throw to Busch, I would boo me too

Q: What has year been like for you?

Christensen: Up and down, all over the place. Now that it's November, we are playing better and the second half today hopefully jump starts us to play better in the first half and throughout the year.

Q: On that throw to Busch, and other throws that you have made thousands of times in your life… how do you deal with those?

Christensen: You have to have a short memory. I expected to make mistakes in my first year. When you miss an easy throw though, it's hard not to let it affect you. I have just tried to stay positive. I know that I can make good throws, sometimes I get too excited. I have to learn not to do that.

Q: Was it just relaxing in second quarter? That was a night and day difference.

Christensen: We just relaxed. We knew we could move the ball and we stated playing better football.

Q: The stop and go routes were there today.

Christensen: We threw a few hitches, and brought their corners up tighter and the hitch and go was there. Coach made good calls and we executed them.

Q: You guys are now a game away from being bowl eligible. You have come a long way this past month.

Christensen: I think we have gotten better. We are 3-1 in our last four games. From five weeks ago until now is a huge difference for us. We can't say enough about the leadership our seniors have given us. IT has been unbelievable. We are confident that we can play well these next two games.

Q: Has it ever felt like you teammates have been down on you at all?

Christensen: No. Everyone makes mistakes. We never get down on each other, we know that we will come back and make plays. That is what Iowa is built on.

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