Wrestling Q&A: Brent Metcalf

Iowa wrestling coach Tom Brands is a very intense individual. Listen to one of his press conferences, and you may agree. Brent Metcalf will burst onto the Iowa scene this year, after having to sit out last season due to transfer. When you read what he has to say about the upcoming season, you may think that it was Coach Brands giving the answers...

Q: Do you take it personal being ranked 6th, and not higher?

Brent Metcalf: I won't take it too personal. I have been out for two years. They have to do what they have to do. Do I believe that I am 6th? No. I have beaten all the guys at that weight. I just have to go put in the work and win some matches.

Q: Coach said a few minutes ago that he sees you are ranked 3rd or 4th as a team, and he thinks that is two or three spots too low. When you hear him lay those expectations, what does that say to you?

Metcalf: That is great. Never would I want a wrestling coach to come in and say hey team, I hope we can place top five this year. He is the root of it, and the rest of us need to believe it. Our goal is to win a national title period.

Q: What makes you believe you guys can do that?

Metcalf: The fact that we have 40 guys on board right now. Not 10, not 15, we have the entire team on boat right now. Working towards the same goals and really approaching every practice with the same mentality.

Q: It seems like this is a really deep team; how much help is it to know that if you take a day off or relax, that someone is right there behind you wanting your position?

Metcalf: That is good. For a team, especially this team, depth is great and it's great in the room because you know…you know that you are are competing with the best guys each day and number two if something happens, this team will not lose a step. It's great security on the team.

Q: Coach said that you are one of the only guys that challenges Coach Schwab on the mat; why do you like wrestle him?

Metcalf: Probably because he is tough and he is relentless, he never gives up. He is the best guy in the world right now. What better way to become the best wrestler yourself than going against that guy, that caliber.

Q: How much of what this team does is determined by mentality and technique?

Metcalf: It's hard to say. At this level, a lot of it is technique. But there is a huge mentality. Everyone has technique at this level, everyone has won some kind of title at this level. The technique is there. It's the guy that steps on the mat knowing he will win every time.

Q: How much of what Brands teaches is technique vs an attack mentality?

Metcalf: Technique is gone over earlier on in the season, but probably the biggest thing that he pushes is to be able to push yourself in the room, to get yourself exhausted and go two more, three more, four more. Mentality plays a big role.

Q: Do you see guys picking up on that and see that the mentality is the important part?

Metcalf: For sure. Kind of the thing with mentality, is that you have to be put in the situation to where you can learn from it. It will take time and I think that we are being put in situations in the room on a daily basis where you are up against the wall and have to take another step forward.

Q: You have to be itching to go, after sitting on the bench in front of the crowd last year for the Iowa State meet.

Metcalf: Definitely. I am ready to get out in front of that crowd. I don't think I have ever been in front of a crowd like the ISU crowd. This will be a new experience

Q: Is it good to know that your coach is into it, too?

Metcalf: Yeah, I would say that is important to believe that your coach is in there with you.

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