Brunner Must Mature Sooner

Greg Brunner will not enjoy the luxury of being a normal freshman backup player in the rough and tough Big Ten Basketball Conference. Not only will Greg not receive the customary redshirt, he must play significant minutes if Iowa is to surprise the league this year. No shrinking violet, Greg is looking forward to the challenge.

One thing stands out about Iowa freshman forward Greg Brunner. He already has a Big Ten body. Greg stands 6-7 and weighs 240 pounds without any baby fat on his body. "Iowa Strength Coach, Bill Maxwell, is doing a tremendous job. I have never been in such great shape," said Brunner.

However, it's a long way from Charles City High School basketball competition to the Big Ten. "I have played in a lot of national camps and on an AAU team for several years now. Hopefully, that will be able to bridge the gap to get me ready for the Big Ten," Greg said.

Brunner is well aware of the big task that he is facing. But his approach to the situation Iowa Basketball is in now has been well thought out, as he is well aware that he must go through a learning process. "I have played basketball all my life. Basketball is my passion. However, I have never worked so hard. We are doing everything possible to get ready for the season. I know that I will be able to play hard, but I must learn to play smart," added the former Charles City Comet.

Basketball is not his only passion, however. "I have a great passion for the University of Iowa. Being able to play here is a dream come true."

Although Greg has a realistic approach to the work he needs to do, he will not be afforded the customary freshman cushion. Not the cushion around the waist, either. He has no problem there. Whether he attains the comfort level needed for Big Ten competition will help determine the fate of the one name Hawks this year.

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