Lickliter Q&A from Idaho State Postgame

Somehow it seems fitting that Todd Lickliter's first win at Iowa came over Idaho State. Iowa's head coach is humble and focuses on the little things that add up to big things. Iowa's 58-43 win against the Bengals was one step in the right direction. He talked about those things and more in his post game press conference...


It is interesting that we talked to Justin about his role…he's got a skill and his responsibility is to use that skill. No different than a guy that is a defensive stopper, a ball handler, Justin has earned that opportunity. He has a terrific skill to shoot it. We all enjoy that, but as he was saying, there were a lot of aspects. I don't take anything away from it. He is very capable of shooting the ball like that. It doesn't surprise me at all. I did think that in a team setting, it's important to understand that one role doesn't overshadow another. That you compliment one another, and I think they understand that. Justin did his job and did it well and I am happy for him, but so did a lot of other guys and I think he would be the first to tell you that it's enjoyable when you do it together.

Q: Jeff Peterson had an impressive line. What sticks out the most?

Todd Lickliter: About Jeff?

Q: Yes

Lickliter: 38 minutes. That is a long time. What was the coach thinking on that? Obviously, you say nine assists and zero turnovers. What do you say to that? That is super. So much of it is just an understanding of the game and playing within yourself. He understands what is to be accomplished. He can focus on the task at hand. At the end of the game, those add up to success. He has a good perspective.

Q: How did it feel for you personally to walk out on that Iowa floor for the first time?

Lickliter: It has felt real good to be a Hawkeye. Each experience has been special. It was special, it's a wonderful place with very passionate fans as I have said before. A lot of great support here. I think that you can see how a team should function here as you look at the people around this venue. The people that support one another. It's special. I came from a special place, and I would never take anything away from that. If you were a guy that counted your blessings, I should be counting mine.

Q: What is your overall assessment from your team after one game?

Lickliter: I like the outcome. I honestly thought maybe we defended a little better than I even anticipated at this point. There are areas where we can get better. I was pleased with their attentiveness, when we asked them to do things. A few things we have to get over; if we are going to have some prosperity we have to handle it with poise, and move on. It's hard to do that when you have guys that care, when you have a dropped ball. It's a hard thing, but we need to learn to do that. I thought that their approach was what we need it to be. We can get better.

Q: JR Angle and David Palmer, were they both healthy to play, or was that a coach decision not to play them.

Lickliter: Yes, coaches decision

Q: 16 turnovers, were the mistakes similar to that of the Simpson game?

Lickliter: I have to look. I am a guy who unfortunately for my team, no turnover is acceptable. I thought today that we were a little careless. I wish we hadn't been.

Q: You talked about finishing plays early in the week…

Lickliter: I thought we did that well defensively. I was really concerned about sharing space on the boards and we didn't do that. We held our ground and finished the play. I don't think that takes any skill, it takes a desire. Our guys showed that. That is what wins games. We need to understand…I love dunks and blocked shots. Great. No look passes, I love all those things. The things that make the highlight reel. But lets be honest, there are a lot of other things that go into this that are just playing sound, working hard that make a good team. The teams that are good not only have a willingness to do those things but an eagerness. This team wants to be good. No question. If we are going to be, we will have to do those things that people would call little. When you see what they add up to, they don't seem so little.

Q: You called a timeout with about a minute and a half left in the game, was that a teaching opportunity?

Lickliter: I didn't know when it was. I think it was at a time when I felt we should have exhibited more poise. It was a point where I was concerned that we were going to turn it over again and I had seen enough of those. I assume that everyone else had, too. So we got together and said let's not do that any more.

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