Notes & Quotes: Florida Gulf Coast

Iowa overcame a sluggish start to pull away from Florida Gulf Coast, 62-49, in the first round of the South Padre Invitational Sunday at Carver. Justin Johnson scored a game-high 19 points and Seth Gorney established a new career-best in rebounding with 11. Read what Johnson, Gorney and Kurt Looby said after the game and view some notes from the contest.


Kurt Looby

Three opponents in a row have not scored 50 points. Can you talk about the defense Coach Lickliter teaches?

Basically, he said just help each other out. It‘s a team game. For me as a senior, I‘m seeing this work. He‘s all about team unity and love. Everybody is feeling comfortable. Just listening to him I feel like we can accomplish a lot.

What are you personally doing different on defense this year compared to last year?

On defense, I feel more comfortable on the court. Just because my man isn‘t in the play he said to still be in the play. You can help out. It‘s really working.

Do you feel like you and Gorney dominated inside?

Definitely. We‘ve been in a while. It‘s all about communication. We talk to one another often. We have Jarryd Cole and the rest of the young post players looking up to us.

Cole had a solid game and looks like he‘s improving. Can you talk about his improvement?

Every day he just comes in and gives it his all. Even in walk through I have to watch where I‘m going because I know he‘s going to go at it. The thing about Jarryd Cole is that he listens very well. He‘s listening and Coach Lickliter is teaching you the game. All you have to do is listen and everything will be OK.

Justin Johnson

What‘s different with your defense this year compared to last year?

It‘s more of a help defense. It‘s sort of like Coach Alford, but we just help more. It‘s a mental game. We try to trick our opponents. We jab at them, making them think we‘re coming at them, but we‘re really not. We‘re jumping back to our man as they‘re driving. It‘s a mental game in offense and defense.

Gulf Coast scored 14 points in the first three minutes. What changed?

They were making shots. Then during the timeout, Coach just told us to stay poised and lock down.

Offensively, were you trying to make a conscious effort to get to the rim a little more?

Yeah, we know going into the Big Ten they‘re going to look for my shot. So, I know I can‘t be one dimensional. They have to know that I can drive.

What did coach say to you after you missed the dunk?

(Laughs) He was mad at me. That was a bad shot. I saw rim so I went for it.

It did look like it was wide open for you.

It was wide open. If I would have finished I‘m sure I would have gotten a pat on the back. But I missed it. It was a bad shot. I should have looked at the clock and stayed poised. Overall, I‘m glad we won.

Seth Gorney

You set a personal high in rebounding.

I did what I could but I don‘t really look at personal stats. I just try to help the team win. If that‘s what I have to do then that‘s what I have to do.

You seemed to be struggling early.

I was a little bit. The matchups we had, they were quicker. It was kind of tough to get in a groove. In the second half, he kind of had a little talk with us. It picked our spirits up and we played better.

What‘s the difference on defense this year compared to last year, either the way it‘s being taught or the way it's being played or the principles or whatever?

The principles are the same. The way he does it is that we‘ll keep playing D until we get it right. I don‘t want to say it‘s a different system, but it is. It‘s all the same, but the way that he does it is different.

What is the principle of helping your teammates more?

That‘s one thing that he harps on a lot. It‘s help but don‘t. It‘s awkward to say right now. We act like we‘re going to help and then we don‘t. We also want to keep our guy in front or try to at least. I didn‘t do that so well today.


SUBSTITUTIONS: Coach Lickliter wasted little time in going to the bench on Sunday. At the 17:08 mark of the first half, Jake Kelly and Cyrus Tate replaced Seth Gorney and Dan Bohall.


-Peterson played with his right thumb pretty heavily taped right hand. The freshman sprained his thumb in Wednesday's game against Northern Colorado. He took the tape off in the

-You probably haven't given this much thought, but if you have asked yourself why Joez Lickliter doesn't sit courtside as did Tanya Alford, it's because she sits in the family section with her son, John.

-Looby converted a sweet ally oop pass from Peterson late in the first half.

‘08 signees Matt Gatens and Jermain Davis attended game and sat behind the Iowa bench.

Gorney grabbed a career-high 11 rebounds on Sunday.

Iowa held a 38-28 advantage on the boards.

Looby shot 4 of 5 from the floor for eight points to go with five rebounds and a block.

Peterson connected on 3 of 4 shots and finished with nine points and four assists. He committed six turnovers, but Lickliter felt like a few of those resulted from the injury.

Johnson scored a game-high 19 points to go with seven rebounds. He shot 7 of 17 from the floor (2 of 9 from the arc).

Sunday's paid attendance was listed at 9,183 but was more like in the 7,000 range.

Florida Gulf Coast shot just 8 of 28 in the second half after trailing just 32-30 at halftime.

Iowa has not allowed an opponent to score 50 points in any game this season. The opposition is averaging 46.3 PPG.

Freshman forward Jarryd Cole scored seven points and grabbed four rebounds in 18 minutes.

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