Quotes & Notes: Wake Forest

Iowa dropped its third decision in a row, 56-47, to Wake Forest Monday as part of the Big Ten/ACC Challenge at Carver-Hawkeye. The Hawkeyes again were hampered by turnovers and poor shooting. In this Quotes/Notes package, we have comments from Jarryd Cole, Jake Kelly and David Palmer plus nuggets from the contest.


Jake Kelly

Against pressure defense, what is it that you guys aren‘t doing?

We‘re not helping Jeff out. He‘s the only one that‘s taking control of the ball. We just have to be available to get to the spots we need to be at.

What did you do that provided a spark in the second half, you and Jarryd both?

We just tried to go out there and compete, you know, fight. That‘s what coaches wants us to do, just go out there and fight and give it everything. We can‘t hit every shot and get every rebound, but we can compete.

You‘ve lost three now. Do you think confidence is an issue? Are you guys still confident?

We‘re still confident. I don‘t think we‘re losing confidence. We‘re pretty young and we know we‘re going to struggle a little bit early, but we believe we‘re going to get better every game.

What‘s been the toughest thing for you to learn in this system going from high school ball to college?

It‘s just to take care of the ball and value every possession. In high school, I kind of just did what I wanted to do. Here, it‘s important to take every possession one at a time.

I assume you saw Butler play a lot. You know his style, right?

I love his style. I know it works. That‘s the thing. I‘m going to listen to him. I know if I do what he says he‘s just going to make me a better player.

David Palmer

You haven‘t gotten extended minutes this year. When you get your chance, what‘s your mindset?

I‘m always just ready for my chance. I guess Coach Lick feels like the guys he‘s been playing have been playing well. I can‘t really argue with it. You have Jarryd coming off the bench. He was out leading scorer tonight. Kurt blocks a lot of shots. Seth does his job well. Cyrus does his job well. I just go in whenever coach feels like I should go in.

Do you feel like you have to prove something while you‘re in there?

No. He just draws up good plays. I just happened to make shots.

What‘s the attitude like now after three straight losses?

We need to fight harder every day. We have to put together 40 solid minutes of Hawkeye basketball. We have to defend. We have to guard. We have to rebound and just finish plays.

Did you feel like you earned more playing time tonight?

I don‘t know. Coach Lickliter is the final judge. I‘m just going to play hard any time he puts me in; play hard in practice. Hopefully I will earn more playing time.

Jarryd Cole

What do you think you brought to the team in the second half?

A work ethic.

Were you guys able to establish an offensive rhythm, not just you, but all five guys on the court in the second half?

It‘s definitely not where we want it to be. Our top scorer, J.J., he couldn‘t get it rolling. Any time he‘s on fire we‘re going to be right up there with the rest of the teams. But we just couldn‘t get him going. Our point guard, J.P., his hand injury is hindering him from doing some of his point guard abilities right now. We‘re just in a slump right now. We need to go ahead and get our heads straightened out, come out and try to get a W in our next game.

You got a fair amount of touches, especially in that second half. Was that part of the game plan?

I was just trying to make myself available to where the ball was at. But that definitely wasn‘t the plan. But that‘s what happened.

You guys looked a little sluggish at the outset. Was that exhaustion from the road trip?

I‘m not one for excuses. We have to take personal accountability for ourselves. We just have to come out and practice on what we didn‘t execute tonight and try to do it better next game.

Is is frustrating to see what you guys were able to do in the second half and think about what might have been had you come out faster tonight?

It‘s very frustrating. If we would have come out and competed in the first half the way we did in the second half if would have been a different game.


Rotation: Jarryd Cole replaced Kurt Looby at the 18:27 mark of the first half after the latter allowed Wake's Ishmael Smith to drive right down the lane for an easy hoop. Jake Kelly came in for Dan Bohall at the 17:24 mark after the latter committed an unforced turnover.

Cyrus Tate checked in for Gorney with 14:47 remaining in the opening half.

Play of the Day: Peterson grabbed the ball on the defensive end and headed up the middle of the court with two teammates on the wings and four Deacons back on defense. Two defenders jumped the outside Hawkeyes, leaving Peterson one on two. He dribbled into the lane to the right, spun back to his left and laid it in with his left hand.

Change-Up: Lickliter went with his three freshmen to start the second half. Cole, Kelly and Peterson teamed up with Looby and Johnson.

Gorney and Bohall started the game but began the second half on the bench.


-Iowa quarterback Marvin McNutt took in the game from the stands.

-The Hawkeyes committed 14 first-half turnovers with just four assists. The finished with 23 giveaways with 11 assists.

-Wake was the first Hawkeye opponent to score 50 in a game at Carver this season.

-Kelly fouled out with x minutes remaining in the game.

-Cole paced Iowa in scoring, netting 14 points on 7 of 10 shooting from the floor. He also grabbed seven rebounds in 33 minutes.

-Looby grabbed a game-high 10 rebounds.

-Gorney did not play in the second half and Bohall logged just five minutes after the intermission.

-Peterson played 40 minutes for the second time in three nights. He shot just 1 of 7 from the foul line and committed seven turnovers. He did dish off seven assists.

-Johnson shot just 3 of 15 from the floor, including 0 of 5 from beyond the arc.

-The teams combined to shoot 3 of 30 from 3-point land.

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