12/03 Presser: Transcript: Jarryd Cole

In this premium transcript from Monday's press conference, Jarryd Cole talks about UNI, ISU, Drake and more. Read what he had to say about Jeff Peterson, Jake Kelly, and the rest of the team.

Q: This will you be your first taste of the in-state rivalry, what do you think of playing Drake, UNI, and ISU?

Jarryd Cole: It'll be real good chance for us, as a team, to test our abilities. It's good competition, so it should be good and fine.

Q: You go up against these guys in primetime league.

Cole: Some of them from UNI, yes. The big fellas they have there, they're pretty good players. It'll be a good test for us down low.

Q: What is it going to take for you guys? Eric Coleman seems to make a career out of dominating the Hawkeyes. What does it take for the five of you down low to neutralize him and Eglseder, their big guys?

Cole: It's going to take us, individually, as posts, to tame them. It's going to take all five of us on the court to make sure they don't make a career out of us again.

Q: Are you over the nerves yet? Have you played in enough games?

Cole: Nerves are a factor every game, personally. Getting to the point where it's comfortable, I don't think I'm quite there yet. I can feel it coming soon.

Q: Does starting help that, or just more pressure?

Cole: I believe it helps it, yes sir.

Q: What do you do from getting frustrated with the way these games have turned out?

Cole: You just have to look forward to the next day. Time stops for no one, you've got to keep moving, keep getting better.

Q: What's it like going from high school to college? In high school, you're one of the biggest, strongest, and best, you get to college with a lot of guys your size. What's that transition like?

Cole: You just have to accept the fact that you're not always the one who is going to score the most every game, the one who'll grab the most rebounds, be in the spotlight at all times. Getting used to that, that's the biggest transition.

Q: Have you had situations, you get the ball inside, guys 2, 3, 4 inches taller. Have you faced that anywhere in your life?

Cole: In AAU a little bit. It's never been a big problem though.

Q: What do you think about going on the road for the first time in a somewhat hostile facility?

Cole: It'll just be different fans. Everyone supports their school, so it'll be a good experience to see it early.

Q: Obviously you want to win every game right now. Are you able to take a longer view, that you've got 3 freshmen in the starting lineup, Coach Lick's first year, it might take some time to put it all together?

Cole: It'll probably take some time, but I'm not one for excuses. Even though us three freshmen are starting, we should still be able to produce however Coach wants us to.

Q: Were you freshmen able to help each other off the court, talk amongst yourselves, compare notes?

Cole: We do, actually. We try to stay mature about the situation and everything. I think it's helping a little more now, compared to two games ago. I think we've gelled a little better as a result.

Q: Is Jeff the same leader off the court that he is on, or is it not the case?

Cole: He is a leader, a very solid leader. He leads in his own ways, we respect him for that.

Q: We've seen all three do very good things at times. Coach was saying he'll try to show you on tape that this is good, do that again. Are you starting to pick up on that, what works and what doesn't?

Cole: Yes, I am. We do have mental lapses at time, I guess that's expected, for how young we ware. We just have to come together to where we have to play Hawkeye basketball for 40 minutes straight.

Q: What do you need to eliminate, what do you see on tape?

Cole: We just have to stop turning the ball over, basically. It's real easy. There's nothing we do that's hard that's going to stop of us from winning games. It's just the easy things we have to take care of.

Q: What are you doing personally to eliminate turnovers?

Cole: I stay after it, I get in my catching drills. Tony helps throw the ball to me, Coach helps throw the ball to me. As long as I feel comfortable catching the ball, then I'm doing my part to stop the turnovers.

Q: Do you pace yourself during games, as the bench gets shorter, for at least one game?

Cole: I don't know if you can call it pace. I've tried to stay fresh in more ways that I can, trying to preserve my body for the minutes I'll be playing.

Q: Can you do that during a game?

Cole: It's more of a mental thing. You just have to make sure that you keep fresh in your mind.

Q: It would probably be fun, too, to join a program that will win 25 games and go to the NCAA Tournament. Is it fun that you might be the right guy in the right place to help build this thing from the ground up, a sense of accomplishment?

Cole: Yeah, I do. Anybody would feel obligated to be in this kind of situation. I'm just taking it as I can. If we do become successful, that'll be great.

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