The Jeff Horner Blog is proud to announce the addition of the Jeff Horner Blog. The Hawkeyes' all-time leader in assists and 3-pointers now runs with the Iowa Energy of the NBA Developmental League in Des Moines. About once a week to 10 days, the Mason City native will check in with thoughts and stories from his pursuit to make it to basketball's highest level. We thank Jeff and hope you guys enjoy it.

Hello, everyone. Let me just start off by saying it is great to be back in Iowa and hopefully people can follow along with this blog to keep up with the Energy and me.

I was supposed to write it yesterday, but we did not get in from Fort Wayne until 5:00 a.m. I guess that is just life in the D-League.

If you do not know, I am playing for the Iowa Energy of the National Basketball Developmental League here in Des Moines. Right now, we are off to a 3-3 start and are somehow tied for first place after losing three games in a row.

The D-League is a part of the NBA. You could say it is like Minor League Baseball. We are affiliated with the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat. The reason guys play in the D-League is to take a shot at getting called up to the NBA. Obviously, that is my dream and I hope it comes true. If not, I get to play hoops in my home state and get paid to do it.

Throughout the season any NBA Team can call up any player from the D-League. The guys on my team are not just restricted to the Bulls and the Heat. I hope this gives a little more information on what the D-League is.

A lot of you are probably wondering how I ended up here or never really knew where I was in the first place. I have been out of college for two years now after playing for the University of Iowa for four years. Last year I was in Belgium and absolutely loved it. Our team made it to the finals, but lost in the fifth and final game to a team called Oostende, which brings us to this year.

I started off the year in Paris on a two-week tryout for a team called Paris-Levallois. I made the team and started every single pre-season game and the first regular season game of the year.

I am just going to tell everyone the story of why I am here now because I am sure a lot of people are probably wondering what I am doing back in Des Moines. When you play overseas an apartment and a car are negotiated in your contracts.

The Paris team did not give me a place to live for two months and I was the only one on the team in this situation. I actually stayed with Kelvin Torbert and his wife for two weeks and then had to keep switching hotels for the next month and a half.

The kicker in this whole story is the team kept telling me they would have my apartment in a couple days. A couple days went by and there was still no apartment. This kept going on and on. The team kept making excuses about how they were a new team and so I stuck it out for two months thinking it would get better.

Finally, I called my agent and asked him to get me out of there because I did not want to be a part of an organization that was unorganized. Now, do not get me wrong, overseas basketball is not the most organized thing in the world anyways, but I thought this went to a bit of an extreme.

My agent gave their management people a call and the feeling was mutual. The coach liked me a lot, but the management wanted to go in a different direction and get an older point guard. This meant I would get even more money because the team had broken my contract.

As soon as I got the news I told my agent to give Nick Nurse a call because I knew about the Iowa Energy. The next thing I knew I was signing a contract to play in the D-League.

I like it a lot and I am just so happy to be back in Iowa where my friends and family are a short drive from watching me play or just visiting. It is going to be an exciting season, so if you want to keep up just follow my blog.


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