Post-ISU: Transcript - Todd Lickliter

Todd Lickliter spoke with the media on Saturday following his team's loss to Iowa State. Read what he had to say in this premium transcript.

Todd Lickliter: Well, both teams obviously attempted o defend quite well. Both teams shot it poorly. Honestly, I do think both teams defended well and that led to it. I thought their assertiveness on the offensive glass in the first half was key, then in transition. They were able to get to the free throw line in the second half and convert it. It comes up that they made more plays and give them a lot of credit. I've said this, I haven't hidden this, I think that what Coach McDermott has done, I respect the program. I expected to have to play well in our situation to be successful. We didn't play near well enough, and I give them the credit for that.

Q: Talk about the decision to sit Freeman

Lickliter: I don't make those decisions, I'm not involved in those. That is the individual's and the medical staff. He determined that it was too sore. You don't have those decisions when you're talking health. You allow the individual to make that.

Q: How much did you miss Tony, offensively?

Lickliter: I can't say. He wasn't out there, you'd just be guessing. We'd been successful when he wasn't in the lineup, he's only been in the lineup one time. The other night he gave us another shooter on the floor and did a nice job for his first game. I said this before, I would have to think that we'd be better with him than without him. I don't think that was the determining factor.

Q: How much did the crowd play into the game?

Lickliter: I always compliment a good crowd and a good atmosphere. They did a nice job. I don't know that should affect the way we play. I think it is enjoyable if you're the team receiving the cheers and encouragement, that's a good thing. I didn't feel like we were receiving a lot of cheers an encouragement today.

Q: There was a big discrepancy at the FT line.

Lickliter: I thought they were aggressive inside, on the block. They got to touch it a lot in there, I wish they hadn't, they did. We shot quite a few jump shots. That's what happens. You have to earn your way to the line and they did that.

Q: Did the defense play that much of a role in the shooting?

Lickliter: I hope so. I thought they were very well prepared. If you watch, they decided to play the on-0ball a certain way, a bit different than what we've seen. We know it's available, we know the different wants to play the on ball. We have counters for them but we haven't seen that quite as much. We had to be able to adjust during the game. Like I said, I give them credit for that.

Q: Talk about the range emotion coming off Wednesday's big win?

Lickliter: As I told our guys, when we went into UNI, because of our respect for them and what they're able to accomplish, how well they're coached, it's a nice accomplishment to win. I really think you should expect to play good basketball, that's the idea. My range of emotion wasn't a lot, I don't think. I'm hoping that's what we'll do. I'd like to be consistent in our play. Hopefully, we'll get to that point.

Q: What's this team need right now to get it together?

Lickliter: They need for me to do a better job of providing ways of helping them. Better implement the system. It's my responsibility of them to play good basketball and to be able to handle tough situations, adjust. Part of that is that we haven't seen them, you don't see them all the time in practice. As we see them, we got beat today, nothing we can do about that. ISU is the better team as of today, they were better today than we were. What do you do with that? We're not going to feel sorry for ourselves, we're going to evaluate, and we're going to work to get better. They need leadership from me.

Q: How encouraging is it having 3 freshmen playing a lot of time as you build this?

Lickliter: I really didn't get to recruit those guys a lot, but I feel like, no matter what the situation I was in, they were guys I would recruit. I've enjoyed getting to know them, they're the kind of guys that can help you develop and be successful. They're not the only ones, I've enjoyed this group a lot, a good group of individuals.

Q: Jarryd Cole has his best game today.

Lickliter: I'd have to think through all of them. He made some effort plays that were very good. We still have to work for his recognition. The game is more physical, faster things are happening faster than what freshmen are accustomed to. The thing about Jarryd is that he takes coaching. He won't like hat happened today. He'll work to improve.

Q: Off the top of your head, what do you want to work on between now and Drake?

Lickliter: I need to look at Drake more. They present some uniqueness to them. I know how good they are, how well they're playing. We obviously have to play really well. I hope that we can take things from this game that really troubled us and see if we can make some adjustments and get more comfortable. There are techniques and schemes that you want to rely upon. If you haven't created a habit of doing them, then you'll deviate. That's what's happening now. We've got to get to where we're respond insitinctively. That takes a bit of time. We just have to look at drake and see the specific problems they present and how we can best manage them.

Q: Your first look at this series, what do you think?

Lickliter: Impressed. Not real pleased with out record in it right now. I hope the people at home saw the crowd. They way I understand it, Iowa State is coming back next year. Hopefully we can return the favor, have the kind of crowd we should have. It's actually pretty healthy for sports to have the kind of passion this state shows and the passion the two programs show. I think it's something that if you do your part in it, you can derive a lot of pleasure in it. You need to do your part.

Q: Do you have enough talent on this team to compete at the level you want to compete at?

Lickliter: You measure talent a lot of different ways. It's my job to figure out the skill set they have and complement one another. It would be easy to point my finger at someone else have a complaint that regard. I don't' think that's going to help anybody. What we've got to do is say they're all recruited at a division 1 level. I have to do a better job of helping them to compliment one another at their highest level.

Q: Two games from the Big Ten, does the team understand the urgency to get better?

Lickliter: I've never questioned that. I don't think that they've ever been neglectful. I think they've been responsive. I just think that it's demanding. I do think there are other problems that happen. Just like other problems happen to other teams. I know they've struggled trying to decide what to do with Johnson, he hasn't been 100%, but they've managed. That's what we have to do, we need to manage.

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