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Iowa dropped a disappointing 56-47 decision at Iowa State on Saturday due in large part to shooting that was colder than the winter weather outside Hilton. The Hawkeyes shot just 32.1 percent from the floor and were outscored 20-5 at the free throw line. Jarryd Cole paced the visitors with 15 points and 9 rebounds. Read what he, Jeff Peterson, J.R. Angle and Justin Johnson said after the game.

AMES, Iowa - A report from the Iowa-Iowa State game played on Dec. 8 at Hilton Coliseum:


J.R. Angle

You guys got off to a pretty good start but couldn‘t sustain it. What changed?

I think just inconsistency. We lost our poise a little bit. We just got away from the fundamentals; just easy rebounds we gave them and second chances and just bad passes, just not dictating with the ball. Putting the ball above our head and letting them dictate the style of the game. It was just hard for us to break through once they got on a roll.

When did you find out Tony wasn‘t going to play?

(Friday) at shoot around when we got (to Hilton) he couldn‘t go or practice (Friday night).

How does it affect you guys going from one game with him playing such a big role and now he‘s not out there in another big game?

We adjust easily. Jeff Peterson, we knew he was going to be back. We knew we had a sound point guard. We just have to play with what we‘ve got.

How did that affect the game without Tony?

Ah, I think Jeff did a really good job. I‘m sure we missed Tony for minutes. Some of us got tired out there a little bit. Other than that, I think Tony is going to be alright in the next week or so. We‘ll finally have a full roster and we‘ll get rolling.

They shot 27 free throws to your 10. What is that a comment on?

That‘s just strictly toughness. You know, them wanting it more. It just really stings a lot to let Iowa State do that to you. We know there‘s so much on the line. We just have to wait 364 days now, you know, marinate on this to be ready next time we play them.

Jarryd Cole

You guys held a nice advantage on the boards at Northern Iowa. It got flipped around on you guys today. What was the difference?

The big-men play. Iowa State, they had great big men. They crashed the boards really hard. When you don‘t box out, that‘ what happens. People that can rebound, they outrebound us. We obviously couldn‘t get them off the boards. They had the advantage.

How did missing Tony affect you guys?

I don't think it‘s just missing one person. I don‘t want to take anything away from Tony. He‘s a geat player and we‘re very fortunate to have him on our team. But it‘s not one person that makes this squad. We all have to come together. And whenever we realize that is when we‘ll start winning games.

You guys had two guys (score) in double figures. What does that say? Are you guys getting more confident, you and Jake?

As time goes on, it‘s inevitable that you‘re supposed to get confident. As time goes on, everybody will start getting more confident. When we build together everything will get better.

Did you guys feel poised today? It didn't seem like the crowd rattled you much.

I don‘t think we were rattled. We just couldn‘t connect the dots, I guess you could say. But we hope to come back against Drake and do it then.

Jeff Peterson

You guys seemed to get off to a good start. You kept the crowd out of it for a while. What changed?

I don‘t know really. We just kind of stopped playing. We didn‘t keep the same enthusiasm that we had. They just got rolling. Then the crowd started getting into it. Unfortunately, we were strong enough, strong minded enough to stay focused and play poised.

They shoot 27 free throws. You guys shoot 10. What do you attribute that to?

We just have to see the game more. A lot of it was they set a pick and roll and we‘re not zoning up. We get there too late or too fast. We just have to be able to see the game and play the game quicker and more precise.

How did you feel after missing practice and the UNI game this week? Were you rusty at all?

I felt fine. I hate to miss practice and a game. I don‘t like that at all, but I had to. I still felt fine.

What was this week like for you having to go through a loss in your family?

Obviously it was a tough week. You just have to keep fighting and never give up.

You still haven‘t played with Tony, so maybe you don‘t know for sure what you‘re missing. But how do you feel his absence might have affected you guys?

We definitely miss him. He played great last game. I wasn‘t there. I was really looking forward to playing with him this game. It didn‘t happen. We just have to fight through it. Tony will be back. He still gives us incredible motivation on the bench. We‘d much rather have him on the court.

Justin Johnson

Some of the shots you missed today you normally make. Did you feel confident that you could get your shot?

At the beginning, it felt good. They just rolled right out. Big ups to them. They played hard game. We played a hard game. We just didn't come out with a victory.

Is it easier for you to get open when Tony is playing? Is that common sense?

When Tony is playing, I can get open. I see more teams are sticking to me. I just have to use the screens more and just cut harder.

You have almost a week to prepare for Drake. Did they get you attention with what they did to Iowa State?

I‘m sure they‘ll come out playing hard. We just have to match their intensity. We‘re playing at home, that‘s a plus for us; just go out and play hard.

You guys took care of the ball today, but got beat on the glass and in getting to the free throw line. What would you attribute that to?

Just focusing. We know we have to box our man out and go for the rebound. We didn‘t do a good job of that today. I‘m sure we‘ll go through the week practicing rebounds and doing a lot of stuff on offense and defense.

Out with Old, In with New: After returning in a blaze of glory in Wednesday's win at UNI, Tony Freeman was once again forced to the bench. Iowa's guard missed Saturday's game against Iowa State due to soreness in his foot.

A broken foot kept the junior out of action for the first nine games of the season. He notched 15 points in 24 minutes on Wednesday, shooting 5 of 7 from the floor, including all three 3-point attempts.

Jeff Peterson returned to the lineup after missing the UNI because of his grandfather's death. He checked into the game with 15:52 remaining in the opening half. The freshman notched 4 points and 2 assists with 3 turnovers.

Peterson left the game briefly in the second half after injuring his hip. He checked back into the game moments later.

Statistically Speaking: Iowa State shot 20 of 27 from the free throw line, while the Hawks were just 5 of 10. Iowa only turned the ball 12 times, but the Cyclones turned it over just six turnovers.

The Hawkeyes shot 18 of 56 from the floor, while the home team as 16 for 51. They combined to go 10 of 37 from beyond the arc.

Johnson shot 3 for 15 from the floor (3 of 12 from three). Cole dropped in 7 of 10 shots to finish with a team-best 15 points and nine boards. Peterson shot 2 of 10 from the field.

Minute by Minute: Johnson (34), Kelly (35) Angle (25), Cole (35), Looby (17), Peterson (32), Tate (8), Gorney (13), Palmer (1).


-Iowa State has already clinched the Cy-Hawk Series for this school year. Saturday‘s win have them a 16-3 lead.

-Iowa State was riding a two-game, home losing streak coming to Saturday's action. The Cyclones fell to Minnesota, 68-58, on Nov. 20 and UNI beat them 61-48 seven days later.

-After giving up an early offensive rebound, Greg McDermott called timeout with 18:57 to go in the first half to scream at his team, specifically Jiri Hubalek. The senior responded 15 points in 23 minutes.

-Former Hawkeye Alex Thompson checked into the game with 18:57 on the first half clock. The Ames native scored one point, missing all four of his field goal attempts, grabbing four rebounds and turning it over twice.

-McDermott had 10 reserves on his bench, while Lickliter only had four guys to go to.

-Sean Haluska, the brother of former Hawkeye great Adam Haluska, saw early action for ISU, checking in at around the 15-minute mark of the opening half. He scored two points and grabbed two rebounds in 16 minutes. ISU misidentified Sean as Adam in one of their pre-game note packages.

-ISU got its fans juiced up at halftime by having showing highlights of the football team's win against Iowa then having Pollard present the Cy-Hawk Trophy to Chizik at center court. Apparently Jamie was keeping the hardware in his office or something.

-Justin Johnson, Iowa's leading scorer, struggled mightily in the first half, missing all six of his field goal attempts, including four from beyond the arc. He missed his first seven shots and didn't score until nailing a trey at the 16:20 mark of the second half.

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