Drake Pregame: Tony Freeman Transcript

Iowa players met with the media on Wednesday, two days before wrapping up their intrastate games with a contest against Drake. Junior Tony Freeman talks about the match-up with the Bulldogs and also speaks about his foot injury.

Is it still a thing where when you go hard the next day you have a problem?

Obviously last week it was probably too early for me to play. That's probably why it was so painful and why I didn't play Saturday. Now, it's going on six weeks Friday. I practiced (Tuesday). It's sore a little bit but not as sore as it was today. Now, it's more ready.

So barring any setbacks, you're not going to miss any more time you don't think?

No. I should be ready to go. Like I said before, last week was kind of early. It's going to probably have to play through pain for probably the first 10 months of this injury. I'm used to that. As long as I'm able to go 90 percent of the time as far as playing with pain, I'll be fine.

During the UNI game was the pain more afterwards or were you feeling it during the game?

At halftime, it started to hurt more than normal and then after the game, obviously. That's with any injury. But like I said, I'm fine now. I'm good to go.

How do you think you help this team out offensively when you're in there?

It's leadership. Sometimes guys start to play uptight. It's not about that. It's about playing free but smart and under control. That's what I try to bring.

How much is it going to help you that after Friday there is only one more game until the Big Ten starts?

Anybody with any type of injury if you get two weeks off and four or five of those days are just going home and resting with your family it's no pressure or anything that holds you back from getting better from an injury. So, I'm looking forward to taking that time off and just getting back to 100 percent for the Big Ten.

What is your routine when you get done playing or practicing? What do you do with your foot?

Obviously I go in and try to ice it as much as I can. I bring ice home and try to ice it a couple of times before I go to bed. I like to think that I take pretty good care of myself when I go home. Every day it gets better.

What have you seen from Drake on tape?

I haven't really seen much of Drake. I hear they're on a hot streak and they beat Iowa State pretty good. From playing Drake in the past, they play small ball, four guards and a big, and they just press the whole game. We're pretty used to that style of play anyway. We'll just try to be tough with the ball. If we can handle their press, then we'll be good.

Do you think at all about that game last year and will that help you guys prepare for them this week?

Yeah, last year they beat us pretty good. I'm not worried about last year. That's the past. But you always remember that stuff and it's in the back of your head. We're just going to practice real hard and go over their press and what they do and just try to get ready for them for Friday.

Will it be good for you guys to take a step back and reevaluate where you are after the Drake game? You guys played a lot of games early in the season.

Yeah, time off is always good when you're pounding at something.

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