Drake Pregame: Jeff Peterson Transcript

Iowa players met with the media on Wednesday, two days before wrapping up their intrastate games with a contest against Drake. Freshman Jeff Peterson talks about the match-up with the Bulldogs and also speaks about finally getting a chance to play with Tony Freeman.

It looks like you're finally going to get to play with Tony. What's that going to be like?

I'm very excited about that. This is our first game together. It's exciting. Besides Tony helping me off of the court or whatever, now he's going to be right there with me, side by side. That's very exciting.

Drake has a reputation for shooting a lot of threes. That's how they beat Iowa State. As a point guard, what's important for you defensively to identify those shooters?

Definitely. We just have to identify the shooters, look over the scouting report very closely and know exactly what their tendencies are. We have to be able to put a hand in and contest every shot. At the same time, we know that a lot of them are going to be long rebounds, most likely, so we really have to be able to box them out.

Does that take some pressure off of you knowing that Tony is going to be out there with you?

Um, not really, there's really no pressure. But Tony is just going to help, help a lot. Any time you can have a player of his status, it's definitely going to help with all of his capabilities. He can shoot, pass, dribble, defend, everything.

How about leadership wise?

Definitely. That's another aspect that I forgot to mention. His leadership is very good. He's just going to help us a lot.

How has he helped you out as a player?

He's just helped me see things that I wouldn't have saw in the past. He's broken down things. We watch film together and just different things like that. He's helped me realize what to do in certain situations.

How about Drake's press/ What do you guys need to do to counter that?

Just stay calm. Honestly, it's just going to be a matter of us just staying calm and poised. I hear they're going to press a lot. They're going to be very scrambly or whatever. We just have to know exactly where our outlets are and just stay calm.

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