...And Shane Makes Two

Shane Prater, brother of current Iowa commitment Shaun Prater, has given his verbal to play for the University of Iowa. It was a whirlwind recruitment process, as he recently received an offer for Iowa, something he was surprised by. Read about that and more in this recruiting update...

Q: Tell me about your recruitment with Iowa, things seemed to move pretty quickly.

Shane Prater: Yes, it was pretty quick. Last week was the visit, it was great meeting the players and coaches. Things just really happened fast.

Q: When did you make your decision?

Prater: Today, this morning around 8:30. Coach Reese Morgan came to the school, and I told him. He was definitely excited about that.

Q: Where does Iowa intent for you to play?

Prater: Iowa has me at wide receiver. That is perfect for me. I had about 700 yards receiving last year on 34 catches, plus around 12 touchdowns.

Q: Your brother Shaun said at one point, the two of you had planned on attending different schools. What changed?

Prater: It came down to business. Me and Shaun, we have been together our whole lives and obviously we wanted to separate, but it came down to Iowa. The players there were great, so were the coaches and the fans. The fans are a great thing about Iowa. I came out there for the Syracuse game, and saw that crowd. Plus we were there for a summer camp.

Q: Shaun said that the both of you were going to visit Nebraska. Is that still in the plans?

Prater: Coach Morgan doesn't want us to go on that, and as of right now, we are not going. It's good. It's OK. We are Iowa players now, so we might as well stick with Iowa and not make that official visit.

Q: What other schools offered you a scholarship?

Prater: Iowa, UNI, SD State and Air Force were the offers. I was hearing from Nebraska as well.

Q: Was there anything that surprised you on your official visit to Iowa?

Prater: As soon as I got there, they surprised me with the offer. So that was something special. I could see myself being there for the next five years. It is a great fit for me both living, and playing.

Q: Did Coach Ferentz ever speak with you guys about the Michigan rumors? What did you think of that?

Prater: He is going to stay at Iowa. We were never concerned about that. We know that he is going to stay there.

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