Tom Brands Q&A Post UNI/Cornell

The Iowa Hawkeyes took 19 of 20 matches against UNI and Cornell in a double-dual meet on Thursday night, but coach Tom Brands wasn't satisfied. He wasn't upset, but he believes his team can be more explosive. As always, you don't want to miss out on what Brands had to say, and we have that for you here in this Q&A

Iowa Wrestling Coach Tom Brands

The scope of our wrestling, we need to be more complete and that will lead to more domination. I am not sure that there was a lot…there was a lot to cheer about in the first meet. In the Cornell meet, we need more pizzazz. Walking the walk. The mentality of where a guy, when he steps on the mat, he is offended if someone is walking up those stairs with an ice cream cone. How dare you? How dare you missed the show that I put on. I think we can do a better job. I am not saying our focus it to put on a show. I am talking about hustling, and not locking, quicker finishes, explosive, and pizzazz is a good word.

Q: Do you like the way attacked UNI?

Brands: I like how our guys are attacking overall, but we have to be more efficient finishing, and attack in positions where a guy has a clamp on us. Like on the bottom. If we can attack in holds where guys are good on us, we are going to really broaden the horizon and widen the gap. We have to widen the gap there when we can attack not just where we are comfortable. You saw Leclere, you saw Metcalf, those are the two that come to mind. We went both up in Cornell in his Cornell match, with Beatty. That should be automatic.

I am not saying that those guys couldn't escape, but we don't want to show weakness out here. The way the internet is, everyone has access to video, to the message boards. I tell you what; we have to be bullet proof. That is what I told the radio. There are some positions where we are not as bullet proof as we need to be. Our eyes and ears are open and they are doing a good job, we just have to really, really work on broadening our wrestling.

Q: The translation doesn't seem so hard this year as last year?

Brands: No, because of success. That is the Gable formula. Success equals wins equals domination. We have some success, we are getting wins and we are gravitating towards domination. I don't want to spin this as a negative, this is a positive. We were 19-1 tonight; we were very much in that match where we got beat. Loera surprised a lot of people, probably himself. He needs to put the clamps on and finish, so does Morningstar. If he has an explosive finish, that is a major decision. That is what we have to move towards. Not the other way, we have to go forward.

Q: Is it good to have something to work on?

Brands: It's good, that is why we wrestled Cornell, a second dual. It's glaring when you watch some of the things that we need to work on. It showed up all year. It showed up in Omaha, Cleveland, Ames, against UNI and Cornell, and they are a good division III team. We are seeing those things…we are anxious in a positive way.

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