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A few weeks after dropping a game in the Hawkeye Challenge for the first time since 1985, Iowa suffered another historic defeat on Friday. Drake defeated the Hawkeyes, 56-51, for its first victory in Iowa City since 1967. This package includes notes from the game and interview transcripts from Jake Kelly and Jarryd Cole.


Jake Kelly

Have you ever been involved in a game where you didn't shoot a free throw?

I don't think so. I mean, that's pretty amazing. You would think that just by chance you would get fouled at least once. But it was our fault. We didn't attack the basket hard enough to get fouls.

What was the one thing that Drake did that had you guys pulling your hair out?

Well, they played an odd defense. They kept mixing up defenses between man-to-man, a 3-2 matchup zone and a box-and-one on Justin Johnson. It was really hard for us to identify what they were doing to run the right set for that type of defense.

What was keeping you guys from being more aggressive on offense and taking it hard to the basket?

We were timid. I just don't think we were playing with a sense of freedom. Coach has given us freedom. He wants us to go to our strengths. We just weren't doing that. We were settling for outside threes. The fact that they were mixing up defenses kept us on our heels, also.

You guys fought back and had the lead late in the second half. They made the plays down the stretch. What happened?

They spread us out. I can remember a couple of times that they attacked me, drove on me and then kicked out. They knocked down threes. They made free throws. They got a couple of offensive boards. On the press, they were really hassling us, getting steals and things. We just can't let that happen.

Jarryd Cole

Is it going to be tough to keep your confidence up?

It's always hard to keep your confidence up after a loss, especially now that I've found out that they haven't won here in 40 years. That's going to sting a little bit. But we have to come back and learn how to react under adversity. That's what we're going to try to do here in these next weeks that we have off. So, hopefully we can come out and start the Big Ten off with a bang.

Do you feel like you guys were too passive on offense?

No, I don't believe we were too passive.

What would you attribute not getting to the free throw line?

Um, probably not being strong enough. I wouldn't say we were passive, but we could have gone to the goal a little stronger to try to draw the fouls. We weren't doing that tonight, so we didn't earn the free throw line tonight.

Did they do something to take you out of that? You guys have been pretty aggressive going to the basket?

No, actually I didn't realize we didn't shoot any free throws. I don't know if it was because I was so caught up in the game or what. We did whatever we could. We just didn't shoot free throws.

It seemed like the nice run came when you were putting it inside. Did you guys want to do more of that?

That wasn't the plan. We were willing to do whatever worked. Whatever was open that's where we put the ball.

Did their ability to change defenses on you guys throw you out of rhythm at all?

No, it really didn't. We really stuck to one offense the whole time. It was pretty effective in the first few minutes of the second half. We could see glimpses of it working in the first half. In the second half, we looked at it in the locker room and came out ready.


Minute By Minute: Cole (32), Gorney (13), Johnson (36), Peterson (31), Kelly (29), Palmer (3), Angle (6), Freeman (22), Tate (4), Looby (24).

Freeman Returns: After sitting out last Saturday's game against Iowa State with a sore foot, junior guard Tony Freeman returned to the lineup on Friday night. He missed the first 10 games of the year with a broken foot.

Freeman played 22 minutes against Drake and looked out of sync a lot of the night. He finished with nine points, but shot just 3 of 14 from the floor. He also failed to record an assist and turned it over twice.

Statistical Rarity: I'll admit that I've never witness a game, or at least can't recall one, that I've not seen at least one free throw attempted by each team. Iowa did not attempt a shot from the charity stripe on Friday. Drake hit 12 of 17 from the line.

Other statistical bullets from the Drake game: The lead changed hands 11 times in the game with four ties; Drake outscored the Hawkeyes 24-12 on points off of turnovers; The teams each grabbed 33 rebounds, but the Bulldogs held a 12-8 advantage on the offensive glass.


-Iowa running back Albert Young spent a good portion of the first half sitting alone in the recruit section, courtside, cheering on the Hawkeyes.

-Drake brought a couple of hundred students that sat together on the north end of the arena. There also was plenty of blue spread elsewhere throughout the arena.

-Announced attendance for Friday was 9,619, and that was probably within a 1,000 or so of being pretty accurate.

-Jake Kelly picked up two quick fouls and played only 9 minutes in the first half. Jarryd Cole was tagged with his third personal with about two minutes to play before the intermission.

-Iowa went 6:07 without scoring a point in the first half.

-Cyrus Tate appears to be the latest big man in the Lickliter doghouse. The junior forward played just 4 minutes. Gorney and Looby also have spent stretches of the season tied to the bench.

-Drake ended a 20-game losing streak in Iowa City having last won on Dec. 16, 1967, 74-65. It was the Bulldogs first-ever win in Carver-Hawkeye.

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