John Wienke Headed to Iowa City

Elite 11 QB John Wienke, after originally committing to the Michigan Wolverines in July, was in Iowa City for an official visit last weekend. After taking some time to discuss it with his family, the uncertainty up north was too much. John made the call to the Iowa Staff early Saturday and informed them he'd like to be a Hawkeye. Read more from John in this premium Q&A.

Q: How did you come to your decision to commit to Iowa?

Jon Wienke: I had thought about it a whole lot this past week. We talked about it after we came home from the visit. I realized what was important throughout that whole week. Being able to see the inside stuff, it was good. The Michigan coaches were really understanding of what I had to say. They've helped me out a ton. I don't like to de-commit, obviously, no one does. I feel like I'm in a better place now, we'll have to see. I'm definitely happy with my decision.

Q: Were you just tired being out there, not really knowing what the future held?

Wienke: It's kind of scary not knowing what could happen. It kind of worries you. They were pretty understanding of all they. There were upset that I decided to leave, but they understand everything. It is a scary process, having that happen.

Q: Did any of the rumors going around this week have anything to do with it?

Wienke: The coaching thing really had nothing ot do with it. Who they were talking about, Rich Rodriguez. I just realized that my time was running out, and I needed to find a spot before I ran out of time.

Q: When a new staff gets in place, if they make contact with you, are you going ot entertain that possibility?

Wienke: I'm pretty stable with where I'm at now. (laughs) I don't want to have to change anything else unless I have to.

Q: Who did you make the call to?

Wienke: I called Coach Erb, my recruiting coach. Then I called Coach Ferentz, Erb wouldn't answer, he was with some other recruits. I got a hold of Coach Ferentz and talked to him a bit. When I talked to Coach Erb, he actually started yelling a little bit. (Laughs)

Q: Did you connect with any of the guys on the team now, your future teammates?

Wienke: One guy I met with was Bryan Bulaga, I met with him and a couple of his friends. I got to see what they did in their free time. It was a lot of fun, he and I text every now and then.

Q: There are a lot of Illinois guys on the team now, is there anyone you know or have played against?

Wienke: I haven't played against any of them, a lot of them are a lot bigger class than I am. My school only has 270 people in it, so we're in the smallest class in Illinois. Those guys are about seven classes higher than I.

Q: Have the coaches talked about whether you'll be in the race from day one for playing time?

Wienke: They told me I could compete, but anywhere, you're going to have to compete. I'm just going in and doing as much as I can right off the bat and doing whatever I can. Obviously I want to learn from the older guys, learn from mistakes, different things that go on.

Q: Personality-wise, what was it about the staff and the town itself that made you comfortable enough to commit?

Wienke: They just made me feel comfortable. It's like it is around here. It's a small environment, a country-type environment. My town only has 5000 people, it's my type. I feel real comfortable there, I feel like it can be my type of family.

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