Khalif Staten Returns From Iowa City

Iowa hosted Khalif Staten, a WR/LB from Brooklyn, NY this weekend on an official visit. Hosted by a fellow northeasterner, the 6-0.5, 213-pound athlete had a fun couple of days. Read what he had to say about his visit, his plans for the future and more in this premium recruiting update.

Q: What'd you get up to on the visit?

Khalif Staten: I went around to the dorms, saw how the players live, how the rooms are. I went downtown, I saw how close everyone is to the school, the population. Everything went real well.

Q: Who was your host? Was it someone you knew before?

Staten: Dezman Moses. He was like a big brother to me, we're from the same background and everything. Once I got upt there, I met up with him, and we were real cool with it.

Q: Did anything stand out for you?

Staten: I was amazed. At 10:00 or 11:00 at night, the lights were still on everywhere, like back home. I was amazed with the coaches, how cool they were, how everyone lives in the dorms and everything.

Q: Brooklyn to Iowa City, a bit of a switch. Did you get a chance to see much of the town?

Staten: It felt good. Coming from the city, I'm used to the city. I've been living there for 17 years already. It's time for a change, I need to get out and see a different part of the world, see what's going on.

Q: What are your plans, any other visits scheduled?

Staten: This is it. Right now, it's between Purdue and Iowa. I'm going to go home, talk it over with my mother, and see what I'm going to do.

Q: When you want to have a decision made?

Staten: Probably Christmas time, a bit before that. Before January 5th or so.

Q: What works in favor of each school?

Staten: The position I'd like to play more or where I would see myself succeeded more. They both offered me for two different positions, I'll have to see what I have to do. Purdue has me at receiver, Iowa has me at outside linebacker.

Q: Do you have a preference where you play?

Staten: I just want to get on the field, help the team out with whatever I can do. I'm comfortable with both, it really doesn't matter to me.

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