Jeff Brinson Recruiting Q&A

Jeff Brinson, a 3-star RB out of Florida, took an official visit to Iowa City this weekend, seeing the Hawkeye campus for the first time. Read what he had to say, as we quickly caught up with him in an airport on his way home, in this premium recruiting Q&A.

Q: Who was your host?

Jeff Brinson: I was hosted by Adrian Clayborn.

Q: What were your impressions of Iowa City, had you been up before?

Brinson: It was my first time. I really liked it. The people were friendly, the players were down to earth. I loved the coaches. It'd be fun to work with them. The stadium, the fans, knowing that it's the only thing in town, that's good.

Q: Iowa's got some openings at RB, is that something you and the staff talked about?

Brinson: Albert Young and Damian Sims are leaving, so they need someone to come in for four years. I think I can do that there.

Q: Overall, are you looking to get a decision out of the way soon?

Brinson: I'm going to get a decision coming up soon. I've got to get home and talk to my parents about it, we'll see what comes up from there.

Q: Did anything unexpected come up, anything surprise you?

Brinson: The coaches weren't sugar-coating anything, they were telling it like it was. That's what I like. I liked a lot of the players, everything's good up there.

Q: A lot of Florida guys on the team, do you know anyone out in Iowa City?

Brinson: Not really, but there are a lot of people out there I could get to know. The same conference, the same division.

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