Padric Scott enjoys Iowa visit

Once again, we've caught up with a young man in an airport, heading home from his official visit to Iowa. Florida OL/DL Padric Scott took a visit to Iowa City, and enjoyed himself. Read more from Padric about his visit, his career plans and more in this premium recruiting Q&A.

Q: Who was your host?

Padric Scott: Bruce Davis. [He] was a real cool dude. He and a couple other guys were real cool.

Q: What was your favorite part of the visit?

Scott: Probably when I toured the dental school, that was nice. That's something I am going to do, that's why mind is set on. I'm going to be a dentist. We have a family full of them. Two, working on three now, I'll be the fourth. The dental school is real nice. They showed me inside the dental school, what I'll see in my first and second year, then my third and fourth year.

The dental school and medical hospital are right across from each other. The hospital is right across from the stadium, in case anyone gets hurt. It's real nice at Iowa.

Q: How did your conversations with the staff go?

Scott: We talked football. I asked where they want me to play. They said, "You're a great football player. We just want you on our team, offense or defense, you're going to make us better." I talked with Coach Ferentz today. He said I'd be great to work with, Coach Doyle is a great strength coach. My numbers are great in the weight room. 410 on the bench, 300 on the clean, and 585 on squats. The one thing I need to work on is my back.

He said, "I can see it in your body, you train, you're a hard worker." I think that's one thing that grabbed my attention, Coach Doyle. Back to positions, Ferentz works a lot with the offensive line. I didn't know that, that was something that impressed me. I didn't think he was from a direct offensive line standpoint, but he was. That was good.

Q: Are you hoping to get a decision out of the way, or do you have a couple visits scheduled?

Scott: I'm probably going to South Florida on January 11th. I'll probably make a decision sometime after the 18th.

Q: Any other schools trying to jump in?

Scott: Northwestern, I believe. Coming in, South Florida was in the lead, they've been in a long time, they've made an impression. Iowa, after this visit, is definitely climbing.

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