Lickliter Proud of Effort in Iowa Loss to IU

The Iowa Hawkeyes were double-digit underdogs heading into Wednesday night's game against #11 Indiana. They were down by double-digits late in the game, before Justin Johnson hit six three-point baskets in the final 1:56 of play. Iowa wound up losing 76-73, but the team never quit, something head coach Todd Lickliter was appreciative of...

Todd Lickliter Opening Statement

I echo what Justin said. We were playing to win. I thought we did some good things, we didn't do enough of them. It's a good team, Indiana. Without question. Top 20 team, deserving, but we have to maintain a correct approach over a course of a game. Even if you do that, you might come up short against a team as good as Indiana, but at least you have a chance. We have to stay away from low percentage plays. We need to do it consistently. I do believe we are making progress. I see improvement. Possibly because of Indiana, we had great focus for the most part. I have said this all along, they are great guys, they are good teammates and we have to move forward.

Q: Can you give us an update on Jake Kelly's ankle and just having seven players in the rotation?

Todd Lickliter: Jake has what they think is a severe sprain. We will have to get it x-rayed. I don't know…I know when I was their age I played all day. You have a media timeout every four minutes. I don't think it's that tough. Would you like to get someone out of the game and speak with the players? Yes. That made it tough on the perimeter, but that didn't affect the outcome.

Q: One plus tonight had to be 25 points out of the post.

Lickliter: One plus, there were 21 assists on 25 field goals. That is a plus. For one thing we threw them passes that were good passes for them.

Q: Is this hardest you have seen Seth play?

Lickliter: I don't know. I am sorry, I am not sure. I would expect him to play hard. I wish that we would focus, period. It's a great game and you only get so many. It should be that way all the way through. Every Big Ten school should demand focus if you can't demand it of yourself.

Q: Does this give the team more confidence going into Big Ten play?

Lickliter: I think they have confidence. I would prefer a little more humility.

Q: Talk about what Justin did in the last few minutes.

Lickliter: He didn't do it alone. He defended, Jeff made some great plays on handoffs. He is a very good shooter, there is no question about that. The thing I liked most about it, we kept going to him…that is a great team play. You have a guy that is making shots, keep going to him.

Q: Tony had a good start, but he seemed to press after that.

Lickliter: Yeah, maybe so. He had a huge assignment. He is guarding Eric Gordon, and that is tough. It wasn't just the start. He had some good stretches, he had some where he struggled. He has to get rid of the struggling parts.

Q: Defensively, did you think your team did a good job?

Lickliter: I will have to look at our defensive efficiency rating, but 79 points is a lot of points. They are averaging close to 80. I thought we did a pretty good job. Field goal percentage was 49 percent, they went inside on us some. More than anything we gave up second shots two or three times that we shouldn't have given up, and that really hurts you. Those extra possessions.

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