Dan Bohall Q&A Transcript, Jan. 7

Dan Bohall talked to the media for the first time on Monday since his suspension in December. The Iowa guard discussed his discipline, his talks with Coach Lickliter, when he'll be back on the floor and more in this premium Q&A.

Have you learned your lesson?

Oh yeah. I made a mistake, got caught up with some friends and made a stupid decision. I have to deal with the consequences and I agree completely with what coach did. It‘s a learning experience and sometimes you have to make mistakes to grow and get stronger. So, I‘m going to take this experience and make the best of it. Right now what I‘ve got to do is just keep practicing hard and trying to push everybody else and just get the respect back, the respect of the teammates.

What have you had do, what have you had to go through since the incident?

Community service.

What did you do?

I worked at Handicare. It‘s a healthcare type for little kids. I just had to go over there and play with them and spend time with them. Basically do whatever the people at the place told me to do. It was a lot of fun. I like kids. I enjoy hanging out with kids. I had a good time with that. I also had to take a class with Marvin Sims. I had to take five or six classes and then take an exam and write a paper about everything. So, basically this whole experience was good for me because I got to learn from my mistakes. Now I just have to move on.

Tony said that you apologized to the team, too.

Yeah, I had to.

What was the toughest thing you had to do?

The whole experience was tough. Stupid decisions deserve consequences. I‘ve dealt with them and now I‘m ready just to move on and get my name back and not have people view me as a mistake.

With all due respect, knowing what happened with the football team, knowing Hillcrest, What happened?

I just made a mistake.

Did you learn anything about your head coach during this time?

Oh, he‘s a great guy. He knows exactly what it takes to win. The decision I made was a stupid decision and it‘s not like a winning decision. We‘ve just had talks about it and I understand that I made a mistake and I‘m just going to grow and move on.

Is it more frustrating that you had earned a starting position? Does it make it even more frustrating considering what you lost?

No because I enjoy challenges. So, now it gives me something to work for; you know, get back up there and earn playing time again. Life is full of decisions. Every day you have to make decisions, and the choices you make can affect your life. So, I‘m learning a lot of valuable life lessons, things that are probably going to mean more as the road keeps going down, not just for basketball. I‘m taking this experience and I know they‘re lessons I need to learn in life. I‘m going to be able to apply all these.

Have you not played yet?

No I haven‘t.

Does that surprise you?

No. It makes perfect sense. I made a mistake. I messed up.

How long do you have to keep paying for this mistake?

I don‘t know. And I‘ll just keep working hard and have a good attitude. That‘s all I can do. Th eonly thing that I can hold to is my attitude and effort. My attitude affects my effort. My dad always used to tell me that. Basically, I made a mistake and now what I‘ve got to do is just keep a good attitude, keep working hard and keep my effort there so that I can earn a spot again.

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