Malbrough Comfortable with Iowa

Marcus Malbrough from Beaumont, Texas became the first student athlete to commit to the Iowa football program in 2008. Read what Malbrough had to say about his commitment, and his overall comfort level with Iowa...

Q: You have a few visits scheduled over the next few weeks. Why did you choose Iowa right now?

Marcus Malbrough: I just feel real comfortable with Iowa. They have a great program, and they a great team. I just felt that I fit in really well at Iowa, and once I knew that, I knew that it was the place for me.

Q: Who did you call and break the news to?

Malbrough: I called up to speak with Coach Ferentz, but he wasn't near a phone at the time. So I called Coach Jackson and we talked a bit, and I spoke with Coach Ferentz later on and he told me how appreciative he was that I chose to come to Iowa and that he was glad to have me as a part of the team.

Q: What position have they talked about?

Malbrough: They said defensive end, that is probably where I will start. Iowa has said that they like my quickness, so defensive end is the best position. If I come in and redshirt, I know they have talked about getting me to 240 or 250 pounds, but doing that in a way to keep my quickness.

Q: What was it about Iowa that stood out?

Malbrough: The coaching staff is just down to earth. I spoke with a lot of the coaches, not just Coach Ferentz and Coach Jackson. A lot of them talked with me, they showed me a lot of love and that just created a feeling of comfort for me.

Q: Iowa has hit your hometown pretty hard, going after the Chavis kids last year and with Jacody Coleman on campus. Did you have a lot of familiarity with Iowa before this year?

Malbrough: I had seen Coach Jackson around before, but to tell you the truth I didn't know much about them when all of this started.

Q: Do you keep in touch with Jacody?

Malbrough: Yes, I talked with him today about my commitment. I actually committed last night, so I talked with him about that.

Q: Do you have plans to make visits to other schools?

Malbrough: I seriously doubt it. I have a visit to Iowa on the 18th, and that probably will be it. I know where I want to be, and I am comfortable. Since I have committed, I haven't spoken with any other coaches from other teams.

Q: What were some of your other offers?

Malbrough: Tulane this summer, Oklahoma State, Baylor and Iowa

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