Tom Brands Talks Day One of National Duals

Iowa wrestle fans were deflated following last Saturday's loss at home to Oklahoma State. The loss cost the Hawks their #1 ranking, but they are taking steps to get it back with a dominating first day at the National Duals in Cedar Falls. Read what head coach Tom Brands had to say about Iowa's Saturday performance.

Q: What did you think of crowd support?

Tom Brands: I think it is always good for the Hawkeyes, especially when you have a team they are starting to become proud of and they are seeing the things they want to see. The fans are very knowledgeable and they know what aggressive wrestling is. We give that to them for the most part. When we don't we tend to come back and give it to them the next time. We put on a good show. It is about that, but it's about taking are of business. They want to see wins, domination. We lost one match this morning, two matches in the afternoon, and the way Fields won sticks in my mind.

Q: Does it get frustrating to see Matt Fields all of the sudden turn it on today, and wonder where that has been?

Brands: It is frustrating; he has had to deal with this. He is winning close matches now, we will take it. Win the close ones and win it with offense. That was not a gimmee, it was an offensive match and we had to go after the guy. We know he can do better, we talk about first period take downs. First things first, that is continue to get to his leg attacks, score and win.

Q: Morningstar was scoring early, too.

Brands: He is doing a good job. He is getting first period takedowns and controlling from there. The one thing that he knows that he has to do better is build on those leads. But he is doing a good job of getting the first takedown and controlling the match.

Q: Did you see progress from last Saturday?

Brands: Yeah, it's different teams in Cornell. We had to battle them the first two weights. They moved a guy up to wrestle Metcalf. How many matches did we lose, three? That is good. We have to work on the three we lost and we have to be ready to go tomorrow morning. I thought we wrestled better this afternoon than this morning.

Q: You talked about wanting to find a catalyst to start the Missouri match. Did you find that? Is that Charlie Falck?

Brands: I think Charlie Falck is a natural, because he is an offensive and aggressive 125 pounder. Metcalf is because of his work ethic and everyone feeds from there. All of these guys can be their own catalyst. If they do what they do best, that is score points. When we attack, I like it. I like it.

Q: What was your take on 165?

Brands: What do you mean?

Q: Your feelings coming out of the match…

Brands: You don't like to go into overtime. I felt like we were strong in that match, we were not doing enough to get takedowns. But I felt like even though it appears like we are dodging bullets, we are moving and snapping. That guy is waiting too. I will give Perry credit, he is not wrestling his best right now, but I will give him credit.

Q: Talk about Brent Metcalf. He had two big wins, and he faced a guy moving a weight to come after him.

Brands: He is smarter and he learns. The Midlands was wild and crazy, this time he is smart and solid. It was the same with the Frye match this morning, that kid is real dangerous and it takes something away from him by being solid and taking what is there. A lot of heavy hands, a lot of control and snapping and moving and then getting to your legs.

Q: Would you call it controlled aggression wit him?

Brands: Maybe that is a good word for it. Smart aggressive, better. Control is trying to control too much, that is not a good word sometimes. Control means hold, and we don't want to do that. I would say that smart aggression is better.

Q: Overall, how do you feel going into tomorrow?

Brands: It looks like Michigan won. We feel good. We have Michigan. We have to get ready for them. Get relaxed and take care of our nutrition and rest, hit the scales at 8am and go to battle at 11.

Q: What is the thought process at 197?

Brands: It was Loera's turn, it was a high level opponent, he had an opportunity. There is no thought process there. Well, there is a thought process…we are trying to find the best guy at the weight.

Q: Do you have a guy tomorrow?

Brands: Game time decision, is that what they call it? We call it when 184 is wrestling, that is when I start to make up my mind.

Q: Do you consider Keddy at 197 in some of these matchups?

Brands: I don't know why, he is wrestling very well. We used him at 197 and he did the job for us, but you keep him where he is unless we just have to have him to win the dual meet.

Q: Do you feel the potential for this season starting to build?

Brands: You like to win and you like to overwhelm your opponent. It's hard for me. You know that you get excited and something like Oklahoma State happens. I said after the Midlands I thought we had a pretty good team; that was an error. We have to keep these guys on edge. They are only as good they attack. That is as good as they are. As they attack, that is how they are as being tough.

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