Quotes & Notes: Michigan State

Iowa bounced back from a lopsided loss at Ohio State to knock off No. 6 Michigan State, 43-36, Saturday night at Carver-Hawkeye Arena. Tony Freeman scored a career-high 22. Read what he had to say about the win, along with comments from Jake Kelly, Cyrus Tate and Seth Gorney, plus look at game notes in this premium package.


Tony Freeman

Can you talk about what this win means for your head coach?

Like I told you guys before, playing in the Big Ten you have to have a short memory. You take the good with the bad. The bad was Wednesday (at Ohio State) and the good was tonight. We have to move on to next Wednesday playing against Purdue. They‘re a good team. They just beat Ohio State at home. The key difference in tonight‘s game was Seth (Gorney). He played his butt off. He played tough.

You guys shot poorly from the floor and the line. How important was the defense?

It wasn't just defense. It was making those guys play horizontal. Believe it or not, bigs hate hedging out a lot. You have them do that the whole game and they get tired. It takes a lot away from their offense.

What was the locker room like?

Guys are real hype. We‘re excited. But like I said, we have to forget about it, take the good with the bad and move on. But we are really excited. We know that we‘re capable.

What was it like seeing the fans storm the court?

It was kind of reminiscent of my freshman year. We beat a lot of Top 25s my freshman year and had guys storm the court. It was real exciting, but we‘ve got to move on and prep for Purdue.

You hit that three late. How big was that?

It just gave us that extra edge. Seth set a good on-ball (screen). I just took it with confidence. Like I said, Seth was the key difference in tonight‘s game. He played real tough. We need him to play like that every single game. If he does that, we‘re going to be tough to beat.

Jake Kelly

What did this win mean?

Bouncing back and getting a win like this almost erases that memory of the loss (at Ohio State). If we can just move forward and put that behind us and do the things we did well in this game I think we‘ll be fine.

It seemed like you guys did a better job of working the shot clock and then driving and getting fouled. Is that part of the game plan from here on out?

Coach definitely wants us to get to the line more. We have to make them, too. Getting to the line is just easy points. And when it‘s low scoring like that, that‘s huge.

How did you guys keep your confidence after what happened in Columbus?

I don‘t know. We just did/ We‘ve had some tough games as of late. But a lot of these guys like Tony, it‘s not going to hurt his confidence. He has more confidence than anybody I‘ve ever known. He hit big shot after big shot. Our defense was there.

Does this reaffirm that this system works when it‘s done correctly?

Yeah, to get a win against the No. 6 team in the country, coach knows what he‘s doing. He‘s done this before, too. This isn‘t new to him. His system works. We know that and we knew that before this game. We‘re just going to move on and bring it into Purdue and hopefully get a win.

Cyrus Tate

What was it like in the locker room?

It was a whole lot more fun. Our team came out and played real well. We played with real intensity. We played tough. Our bigs really stepped up today and did well.

How much did you guys want to come off of that disappointing loss to Ohio State and prive yourselves?

We forgot that Ohio State loss and just moved on. We worked on what Michigan State runs. We used the tools that the coach gave us and we executed the plays well and managed to hold them off defensively.

Can you talk about the defense?

Michigan State is a real tough team. They really get at you on the boards. At the end of the game he did a real good job of boxing out and just fighting for rebounds. Our defense really won this game for us.

Seth Gorney

You‘ve been through a lot of wins and a lot of losses here. Can you rank this one?

This one is great. It kind of reminds me of two years ago when Brunner, Horner and Hansen and all of them were here. It‘s a great feeling. This is a little more personal for me because I actually played a bigger part in this game.

This was a 180 of what we saw from you guys at Ohio State.

Yeah, Ohio State was embarrassing for us, to say the least. It hurt me a lot because it was real close to home. I had a lot of people there. I didn‘t perform well. We wanted to bounce back this game. We did tonight. We played hard. We played tough and fought.


Minute-by-Minute: Tate (28), Gorney (31), Freeman (38), Johnson (34), Kelly (34), Bohall (1), Peterson (12), Looby (22).

Statistically Speaking: Iowa held large advantages from the free throw line and points off of turnovers. The Hawkeyes shot 16 of 29 from the line, while MSU hit just 1 of 4. The home team outscored the Spartans 15-4 on points off of turnovers.

Iowa shot 27.5 percent (11-40) from the floor. Michigan State was 16-52 (30.8 percent).

Freeman shot 5 of 12 from the floor, including 5 of 9 from beyond the arc to register a career-high 22 points. Tate and Looby combined for 18 points on 5 of 8 shooting from the floor.

Johnson scored just two points on 1 of 11 shooting (0 for 7 from three).

Iowa turned it over just 10 times, while the Spartans gave it away 18 times.


-Michigan easily brought the most fans of any visiting team in Carver this season, including Drake. The Spartan Student Section - the Izzone - bought up about 150 tickets at the top of section JJ and were very vocal.

-Jarryd Cole, who tore his ACL last month, was back on the Iowa bench in his warm-ups. He was on crutches and will be out for the rest of the season. He underwent surgery on his knee Jan. 4.

-David Palmer rejoined the Hawkeyes after missing Wednesday's trip to Ohio State. The sophomore stayed back to concentrate on a mid-semester class.

-The 36 points for MSU were the fewest since Tm Izzo became head coach and the lowest total since scoring 36 against Michigan in 1952.

-This was the highest rated team a Lickliter coached team has defeated. Michigan State is No. 6.

-The paid attendance for Saturday's game was 13,044.

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