Jarryd Cole Q&A Transcript Jan. 14

Jarryd Cole spoke to the media on Monday for the first time since going through ACL repair surgery on Jan. 4. The freshman spoke about his rehab, the timetable for his return, how the injured happened and more in this premium Q&A.

What was it like sitting on the bench the other night during the biggest victory of the season so far?

It‘s not the greatest feeling to sit on the bench. Everybody knows that. But it was real good to get a win, especially beating No. 6 in the country. I was just glad out team played well and was able to pull out the victory.

What‘s next for you as far as what kind of rehab you do?

Right now I can‘t bear any weight on my leg. I‘m just doing leg lifts and trying to work my calf muscles and my quads as much as I can so I can strengthen my leg before I can actually put weight on it. That way that process is a lot easier.

How did it happen?

All I know is I came off the rim. I‘m guessing when I came down it was an awkward landing. As I was turning to run back down the court, all I heard was a snap, like it popped in and popped back out real fast. That was it.

Is it tough to stay occupied? You‘re not in classes now. All that you basically have going on is practice and you can‘t even do that.

It‘s really not too tough. I come here twice a day to do rehab. You have training table. I‘m with the guys a lot. It‘s not really too bad expect for at night you can‘t really do much sleeping because of the pain.

Who is your roommate?

Jeff Peterson.

Does he help you around?

Yeah, he tries to do what he can. I‘m not one to ask for too much help.

He doesn‘t like rub your knee or anything?

Nah (laughs). He doesn‘t do all that. He doesn‘t rub my knee

How do you stay upbeat through this? It‘s your first year. It‘s a major injury. It would probably be easy to say "why me?" or feel sorry for yourself.

Yeah, well, I‘ve always been a positive kind of guy. I was brought up that way. But my team needs me right now even though I‘m not on the court producing or anything. They need the encouragement. I try to encourage them as much as I can when they need it. I like to congratulate them when they‘re doing good. From the sideline, you can see an awful lot. So, I can tell them when they‘re doing bad, doing good. I‘m just trying to contribute as much as I can.

Have you been hurt like this before in your career?

My sophomore year I did break my foot. I had a stress fracture. I was out for most of the season. But I did come back. But not hurt like this, no.

Is there anything you can do as far as a red shirt?

Not that I know of. We‘re not real sure right now. I guess we‘re going to see. But so far I have played over 30 percent of our games. So, since I have done that I don‘t think I can.

How did the first semester go for you academically?

It went real well. I‘m eligible (smiles).

What is the estimate for you to get out there and play again?

Before I can actually probably do real basketball activity it will be about six months. I‘m guessing here in the next month or two I can probably get into shooting, maybe. But I can‘t do any cutting or real running or any sprints or anything until about six months.

You don‘t travel, right?

I haven‘t traveled yet, no.

That would be tough with your leg. Do you have the Big Ten Network? How do you watch games?

Oh, I come in here (Carver) and watch it when we‘re away.

Du you plan on trying to get back for the PTL? That‘s about six months off.

I‘m going to hit rehab hard and try to come back as fast as I can. But if it doesn‘t get well before PTL, I‘m not going to force it. But if it does then, yeah, I‘ll play.

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