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After knocking off Top 10-ranked Michigan State over the weekend, Iowa dropped a tough 67-62 contest to Purdue on Wednesday at Carver. Tony Freeman led the way for the Hawkeyes with 19 points. Read what he had to say about the setback along with thoughts from Kurt Looby and Seth Gorney in this Quotes and Notes Package.


Tony Freeman

What was the difference?

They made some plays down the stretch. They had some luck on their side. One of their guys, No. 33, hit a shot from like half court at the (shot clock) buzzer that killed us. Just turnovers down the stretch, we weren‘t able to execute our plays down the stretch and that definitely kills us against a team like Purdue. As far as us, we had some defensive mismatches because all of their guys can drive and shoot. Executing down the stretch was key for us and we did do that. That‘s why we lost.

One thing about it, the team made its free throws.

Ah yeah, we made our free throws but like I said, there were too many turnovers down the stretch. That will kill you, especially down the stretch. Turnovers are not a positive thing anyway, but especially at the end of the game when we‘re trying to win.

You tried to take it over.

I tried to do what I could to make the team win but it wasn‘t enough.

You got the steal and were headed out on the fast break and it seemed like you kind of pulled up a little. What happened with that?

I don‘t know. I was really trying to get contact so I could get a three-point play. I had the clean layup. I should have just laid it in. But I was thinking points, trying to get the 3-point play so we did have a batter chance at winning the ballgame.

Purdue put a lot pressure on you defensively.

That‘s how they play. That‘s how they almost beat Michigan State at home. They pushed their offense out. They didn‘t win at Michigan State but I know they were saying they were going to win here. They forced turnovers. It wasn‘t just like we made bad passes. You have to give credit to Purdue because they did play real hard.

Justin is kind of going through a shooting funk right now. What‘s happening there?

Yeah, I don‘t know. That‘s what shooters go through. I‘m in the gym with him every day rebounding for him trying to help him get up shots. He‘s a great shooter. He‘ll shake out of it.

Well, next up is Michigan, a chance for a road win.

Yeah, like I keep telling you guys - short memory; take the good from the bad. This loss sucks, but we have to forget about it. It‘s over with. We have to win on Saturday. It‘s a must win. We can‘t fall too far behind in this league even though it‘s pretty early. You can‘t keep saying that. Eventually it won‘t be early.

Kurt Looby

Did it seem like you guys lost a little composure down the stretch?

Yeah, down the stretch. When it comes to crunch time we need to pick it up. We had it rolling and then all of a sudden they came back and then we just lost it from there. We just have to keep being consistent.

You had five blocks. Were you surprised that they kept coming at you?

Coach already told me the game plan. He said that it‘s easy for me to block shots when they‘re penetrating. He‘s teaching me how to block shots so it will be better for me. They offense they ran got them open in the paint.

Seth Gorney

What was the difference down the stretch? Do you think you guys lost your composure?

I thought we were going to get on a run and then we‘d turn the ball over and they‘d get momentum. That‘s one of the things that we need to work on. We‘ve got a young team. Coming out of high school it‘s easy to turn the ball over and get the ball back right away. We‘re going to have to help the young guys learn that every possession counts in the Big Ten.

How big of a step back was this? You got a big win on Saturday and were trying to build on that before going on the road?

It is but it isn‘t. We did a lot of good things out there that I‘m sure film will show. But we also did a lot of bad things. We‘ll just have to watch film, listen to what coach says and improve our game.


Statistically Speaking - Purdue outscored Iowa 17-4 on points off of turnovers. Iowa turned it over 14 times while Purdue committed 12.

The Boilermakers shot 11 of 24 from the three-point line, including a 4 of 6 night by Keaton Grant, who finished with a game-high 22 points. Tony Freeman paced Iowa with 19 points, but shot just 5 of 18 from the floor, including 3 of 9 from three.

After shooting 1 of 11 (0-7 from 3) against Michigan State, Johnson connected on just 2 of 8 from the field on Wednesday.

Tate (10 points, five rebounds), Gorney (10, 8) and Looby (6 rebounds, 5 blocks), combined to shoot 8 of 9 from the floor.

After shooting 10 of 20 in the first half, the Hawkeyes 10 of 26 after the break.

Iowa won the rebounding battle, 32-31, but lost 12-9 on the offensive glass.

Kelly and Peterson combined for eight of the 14 turnovers. Kelly had six.

Minute-By-Minute - Tate (28), Gorney (30), Freeman (39), Johnson (39), Kelly (31), Angle (0+), Peterson (11), Looby (22).


-Iowa lost for just the seventh time in its last 46 home games.

-Purdue took a 77-70 lead in the all-time series.

-The announced tickets sold were 9,701, but the actual crowd probably was in the 7,500-8,000 range.

-Justin Johnson did not score until there were 11 minutes, 43 seconds left in the second half when he hit a pair of free throws.

-Lickliter received an out-of-the-coaching box warning midway through the second half arguing an offensive charging call against Kelly. He was hit with a technical on the next trip for being out of the box when Iowa was called for a backcourt violation that looked to be a kicked ball.

-Iowa played a 1-3-1 zone for one defensive possession.

-Angle played 11.5 seconds at the end of the game. Palmer and Bohall did not play due to coach's decision.

-Iowa improved its free throw shooting with a 17 of 22 night, but the Hawkeyes missed three of their last four attempts. (Tate 0-2, Freeman 1-2).

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